• What Do You Expect From Our Next Projects?

    What Do You Expect From Our Next Projects?

    Happy New Year to all our beloved friends! We hope you have a wonderful new year 2015 that brings you happiness, and success with all your dreams come true. We would also like to extend our great gratitude to all of you Valued Customers who have chosen us and accompanied with us during the previous years and the upcoming years. Read more

  • Top 10 Best Stunning Loading CSS3 Animation

    Top 10 Best Stunning Loading CSS3 Animation

    As you know, before the appearance of CSS3, to create the effects for web pages, we mainly use jQuery. Using jQuery makes the loading speed of the website slow. But since CSS3 was invented, we can create animations and replace the animated cartoon, flash and JavaScript animations in web pages. Read more

  • Best Free Scripts For FullScreen Slideshow Design

    Best Free Scripts For FullScreen Slideshow Design

    Scripts play an important role in web design. It can be interesting, bold or injecting a bit of fun into your design. Read more

  • Best Free Icon Fonts For Web Designer

    Best Free Icon Fonts For Web Designer

    Icon font is one of the most significant factors in web design. Good use of icon fonts makes your website impressive and outstanding, also helps you communicate better with users and improve your website speed. Read more



    Here is the newest addition to our PSD collection: Simple UI Kit. As the name indicates, this user interface kit looks so simple but very clean and fresh. Read more

How to Copy 404 Page Style?

In Tutorials By Star Mai / April 23, 2015

You have 2 templates with 2 different 404 page styles. And you want they have the same style. And the question now is how to copy this style? Nothing difficult! After reading this post, you will do it easily by yourself. Read more

Hints to Get More Comments on Your Blog

In Articles By Le Nhung / April 20, 2015

Nowadays, blogging is known as the best online marketing tool which you can share your knowledge, tips, expertise, argue points and learn new things. It is a simple way to build a community and start a conversation and get peoples opinion about it. Read more

Big 50% OFF Sale For Mendoza Multipurpose WordPress Theme

In News By Minh Giang / April 17, 2015

Big special 50% discount program is coming for our latest release – Mendoza Multipurpose WordPress Theme. Read more

Best Free File Management Extensions for Joomla!3

In Articles By Star Mai / April 4, 2015

How do you do when you want to edit, upload or modify a file in your Joomla! site? Access the FTP? Pass so many steps in the backend? Don’t waste too much your valuable time; let’s take advantages of 10 Best Free File Management Extensions below for your site. Read more

An Overview of Joomla! Extensions

In Articles By Nguyen Nhung / April 4, 2015

As Joomla! Users, we are sure that you will be interested in learning about Joomla! extensions. To meet this demand, today we will provide you an overview of Joomla! Extensions. In this writing, we will introduce some general information on definition of extensions, a set of core Joomla! extensions, installing as well as updating extensions. Read more

Web Design Trends for 2015

In Articles By Le Nhung / April 1, 2015

2014 has come to an end and we are entering to the year 2015 – a year of many new and hot web design trends, perhaps it will resurrect some trends that were popular a few years ago. Every year, web design grows and changes with more and more delicate, modern and unique look. Read more

Discounting 30% Off For All TemPlaza Subscriptions On Easter Holiday

In News By Phuong / April 1, 2015

Easter Day is coming. It is 5th April, 2015. It is time to celebrate for this special holiday.Easter Day is a special occasions when everybody can gather with family. In this occasion, many people also decorate eggs. Read more

Best Free Extensions to Speed up Joomla! Site

In Articles By Star Mai / March 30, 2015

When accessing a website, the loading time is a very important problem. Thus, how to speed up your Joomla! site? One of the easiest ways is use the speed-up extensions. Therefore, in this article we will introduce you some Best Free Extensions to speed up Joomla! site based on their over rating, ease to use and documentation according to Joomla! Extensions Directory. Read more

[New Release] – Discount 30% OFF For Everline Items

In News By Minh Giang / March 26, 2015

TemPlaza Team is pleased to announce that we are going to offer you a Special Discount 30% coupon for 2 our latest items including Everline Wedding Joomla Template and Everline Wedding WordPress Theme. Read more

Mendoza Multipurpose WordPress Theme In Preview

In News By Minh Giang / March 25, 2015

What’s new in this March? Wow! We are very excited to introduce an amazing brand new theme – Mendoza Multipurpose WordPress Theme – suited for users who want to run a Business, Cooperate, eCommerce site and showcase their work on a neat Portfolio site. Read more

Share Your Ideas - Get 100% OFF For Your Next Web

In News By Minh Giang / March 25, 2015

Now it is at the end of March and it is high time for us to prepare and start new interesting projects. To bring new unique products to you, all our beloved friends, it is your idea contribution that will create a big success for us. Read more

Tips to Keep Your Joomla! Website Secure

In Tutorials By Le Nhung / March 23, 2015

Joomla is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that is used by thousands of people across world. If you own Joomla sites, it is important for you to take the necessary and practical steps to protect them from the most common security holes, malicious attacks, hackers, and spammers and help keep your site safe and secure. Read more

Tips to Install Jollyness Joomla Template Manually

In Tutorials By Star Mai / March 21, 2015

How to install a Joomla template manually? It seems a difficult mission, especially for a novice. However, there is no need to worry about it. Today, in this article, we will introduce you some tips about how to install a Jollyness Joomla! template manually step by step. Read more

WordPress SEO By Yoast Vulnerability

In News By Minh Giang / March 16, 2015

Million WordPress websites using WordPress SEO by Yoast may be at risk of being hacked by an critial vulnerability known as Blind SQL Injection. Read more

How To Create Multilingual WordPress Site With WPML

In Tutorials By Minh Giang / March 16, 2015

2014 has seen an incredible number of non-English downloads of WordPress. Thanks to internationalization improvements, WordPress users are allowed to not only select their preferred language but also create a multilingual website easily than ever. Read more