1. Get Started
  2. Installation
  3. Requirements
  4. Create Pages
  5. Modules
  6. Detail Article Layouts
  7. Hikashop Configuration
  8. General Configuration
  9. FAQs


Create "Contact" Page

Some steps to create

Step 1: Create the menu item "Contact"

You go to "Menus/Main Menu/Add new"

Menu type: Single Contact(Contact/Single Contact)

Parent item: Menu Item Root

Step 2: Select the layout for "Contact" and configure this layout.

"Contact" uses the layout: "tz_bike_sport - Default"

Step 3:Create all the modules which you can use in the "Home"

They are:

  • 1. HikaShop Currency Switcher Module
  • 2. Language Switcher
  • 3. Call us
  • 4. Login Form
  • 5. Menu Topbar Right
  • 6. HikaShop Filter Module
  • 7. Hikashop Cart Module
  • 8. Breadcrumb
  • 9. mod_tz_googlemap
  • 10. Partners
  • 11. COntact Info
  • 12. Acymailing module
  • 13. Social-Footer
  • 14. What clients say?
  • 15. How To Buy; My Account and Information
  • 16. Copyright-Right
  • 17. Copyright-Left

You can see how to create these modules HERE

Step 4: Refresh your site and check whether "Contact" appears or not.

If it appears, you are successful. If not, you need to check the steps above and to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.

Some notes for the "Contact" page

1. How to create a contact

How to create contact "Apples". Please go to Components/Contact

2. How to change the word "Contact Form" and "Send email"

Please go to the file "language/en-GB/en-GB.com_contact.ini"

Open it with the Notepad++ and in the line No.25 and 35

3. How to change the words such Address, Phone, Leave a message, email, subject, message and Get in touch with usin Contact form

Please go to the file "language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_tz_bike_sport.ini"