To install this theme, you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For more information regarding installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex

Please note that we do not give support or any questions related on how to install and maintain WordPress. For any faulty installation that may cause your website or our theme malfunction you should refer to WordPress support forum. Alternatively you can get help from your web hosting.

Basic Requirements

There are a lot of plugins supported. If these required plugins have not yet been installed, Install Plugins section will appear. You can go to Appearance --> Install Plugins to install them.

There are two plugin types: Required plugins and Recommended plugins. All required plugins should be installed when you install this theme:

1. TZ Plazart (included in theme package)

2. Option tree

3. Revolution Slider

4. Visual Composer

One of the most important recommended plugins in this theme is LearnDash LMS plugin. This plugin should be installed so that you can make use of all theme features. Because of the license and copyright problem, this plugin is not included in theme package. To use it, you can refer to this link:


To install this interesting theme, please comply step by step as following. Please click on pictures to enlarge.

Step 1 – Unzip the downloaded file

Step 2 – You will see 3 folders (document, plugins and theme) inside

Folder Contents
data-demo Includes a XML file with which you can import all demo data to your site. Besides, a TXT file which is demo sliders is also included.
document Provides you with completed instruction to install your site using our theme. Use it to install the theme easily and correctly.
plugins Includes required plugins used in this theme. This folder also contains documentation of some these plugins.
theme This is the core of the theme. This folder contains a zip file used when you upload the theme. Child theme is also included.

You can upload this theme via 2 ways: FTP Upload or WordPress Upload

FTP Upload:

  • Unzip theme file which is in .zip format in theme folder of theme package.
  • Upload extracted the folder in previous step into /wp-content / themes/.
  • To activate the theme, go to Appearances --> Themes and activate the installed theme.

You can refer to this link to get more instruction:

WordPress Upload:

Install theme file in Theme Folder

  1. Navigate to Appearances--> Themes
  2. Click Add New button and then hit the Upload Theme
  3. Click on Choose theme file in your computer and click Install Now. The theme file is named
  4. Click Activate to activate the installed theme.
  5. Install and activate required and recommended plugins

- So,you have installed Ethic theme successfully. You can follow instruction mentioned below to use our demo data available or follow this documentation to set up your site manually.

Importation - How to import demo data

Ethic is a modern and clean Education WordPress Themes. Both developers and non-trained users can use it easily. To understand how this theme works quickly and clearly, you can select to import demo data.


  • You should install all plugins so that demo data can be imported completely. For example, if LearnDash LMS plugin has not been installed and you process to import demo data, all database created with this plugin is failed to be imported.
  • In case you import more than one time, your content will be doubled. You can delete these content manually or using P3 plugin.


Step 1: Navigate to Tools --> Import --> WordPress.

Step 2: Install WordPress Importer plugin by clicking on Install Now. Then you activate this plugin.

Step 3: Upload XML file included in demo data folder.

Step 4: Assign authors. In this steps, if your network speed is fairly slow, you should not check the box Download and import file attachments, then all media files such as demo images will not be imported. As a result, importation will be quickly and easily.

After importing dummy data, you will receive a message: "All done. Have fun!". Importation is completed successfully.

However, it is necessary to have some extra configurations:

+ You will need to go to Appearance --> Menus, select Main Menu and check the box Primary Menu. Then, you enable Mega Menu in Mega Menu Settings box and edit items which will be your mega menu item.

+ To have same menu with our demo, you should go to Appearance --> Max Mega Menu and configure some configurations. Of course, you can apply setting options here on your own way.

+ Courses pages: Course database may not be saved. You need to navigate to Pages --> All page and open Course pages and select course category (eg: courses)again.

+ Then, you go to Settings --> Reading and set A static page which can be your home page as Front page.

+ To have sample sliders, you have to import .txt file which is included in data demo folder. Go to Dashboard --> Revolution Slider --> Import Slider and import demo sliders.

Now, all done. If you install your site manually and do not use demo data, you can follow instruction mentioned in this document to set up each page.