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  • By: TemPlaza
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We would like to express our great thanks to you for purchasing Gustoso Restaurant WordPress Theme . We are extremely happy to know that you have selected RESTAURANT for your website. And we are also sure that you will not feel disappointed after using our this theme. To help our customers to use Gustoso Restaurant theme easily, we provide you with the documentation with all the details you need to use our product.

Feel free to contact us and give us your feedback about the theme, improvements you feel it needs and the documentation of the theme via Our Forum.We've hard to create Gustoso Restaurant, and we'll work even harder to support and improve it.

On behalf of TemPlaza Team, Thanks so much! We hope you enjoy using Gustoso Restaurant WordPress Theme.

The Gustoso Restaurant is a highly customizable theme for Restaurants and anything alike. With this theme, you can write articles and posts with ease, supported with eCommerce.

Unzip the file (.zip) downloaded from marketplace where you bought this theme. Extracted files will have following structure:

        ├── demo-data/
           ├── home.wordpress.xml             -  Demo content XML file.
        ├── documentation/
           ├── code/                    
           ├── index.html               -   Help file
        ├── theme/
           ├──            -  Theme file - this file should be uploaded.
           ├──            -  Child theme file - it is optional to upload this file.
        └── readme.txt