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Create "Home Carousel " Page with Vertical Header

Some steps to create

Step 1: Create the menu item "Home Carousel"

You go to "Menus/Main Menu/Add new"

Menu type: Feature Articles(TZ Portfolio/Feature Articles)

Parent item: Home Vertical

Step 2: Select the layout for "Home Carousel " and configure this layout.

"Home Carousel " uses the layout: "tz_liona_joomla - Home - Vertical - 2"

To get the configuration of this layout without configuring manually, please follow the instruction:

Folder Contents
1 Go to Extensions/Template Manager/Select the layout "tz_liona_joomla-Default"
2 Copy another layout template style from "tz_liona_joomla-Default" and change its name into "tz_liona_joomla - Home - Vertical - 2"
3 Go to the tab "Preset"of the layout "tz_liona_joomla - Home - Vertical - 2" and select a template style available. In detail, you need to select "tz_liona_joomla - Home - Vertical - 2". Double-click on that template ("tz_liona_joomla - Home - Vertical - 2") and you will see the box " Load Preset". At that time, you select "Accept".
4 Finally, you will have the template layout which you want.

Step 3: Please assign this layout for the menu "Home Carousel"

Step 4:Create all the modules which you can use in the "Home Carousel "

They are:

  • 1. Menu
  • 2. Language
  • 3. Search Icon
  • 4. VM Shopping Cart
  • 5. See the module "Custom Text Vertical Menu"
  • 6. Home Carousel

You can see how to create these modules HERE

Step 5: Refresh your site and check whether "Home Carousel " appears or not.

If it appears, you are successful. If not, you need to check the steps above and to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.