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MENDOZA - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Blog versions

You can refer to Blog Posts - Portfolios for more guidance of creating blog posts. Create set of your articles with categories.

Next, we will provide you with instructions based on that you can create different versions of your blog which is the way you want to display your articles. After choosing your style, you can go to Theme Option --> Blog Option to set up other information for your blog.

Blog - Columns

How to create:

Step 1: - Go to Pages --> Add new, create a new page.

Step 2: - Choose Template Blog Columns as its template.

Step 3: - Configure your blog with Blog Option which is in your page created. Here you can choose the number of columns: 2,3,or 4 columns. You can also choose to hide or show sidebar on your blog.

Step 4: - Add this page to your menu

Blog - Default

To create this blog version, simply, select a post category and add it to your menu.