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MENDOZA - Multipurpose WordPress Theme


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1. Contact page

To create this page, it is also required to create Contact template.

Step 1 - Go to Pages --> Add new, create a new page.

Step 2 - Choose VC Template Mendoza as its template type.

Step 3 - Add needed elements. Look at preview images to find corresponding elements.

Note: To use Raw HTML 5, you can add following HTML to this element. In this code, you can change information in yellow area.

                    <ul class="contact-detail">
                    Mendoza Co, Rosaline Rd. Twin Buildings
                     Argentina, Mendoza City  50200
                    <span class="contact-detail-icon"><i class="fa  fa-phone"></i></span> (54) 234 567 789
                    <span class="contact-detail-icon"><i class="fa  fa-envelope"></i></span> <a href="#">info@example.com</a>

2. Get Iframe content

Step 1: Go to Google Map and search your location.

Step 2: Go to Embed map and copy Iframe.

3. Contact Forms

Notice: Contact form 7 plugins is installed.

Step 1 - Go to Contact --> Add new to create contact form.

Step 2 - Change old form to new one mentioned below. Other forms are available for you in Contact Form 7

                <div class="tz_contact_form">
                <div class="tz_contact_input">
                <label>Name</label><i class="icon-input fa fa-user"></i>[text* your-name]</div>
                <div class="tz_contact_input">
                <label>Email Address</label><i class="icon-input fa fa-envelope"></i>[email* your-email]</div>
                <div class="tz_contact_input">
                <label>Phone</label><i class="icon-input fa fa-phone"></i>[tel tel-567]</div>
                <div class="tz_contact_input">
                <label>Your Comment</label>[textarea your-message]</div>
                <p class="tz_contact_form_submit">[submit "SEND MESSAGE"]</p>