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MENDOZA - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Post Categories

Below information provides you with foundations of how to create a post/portfolio with categories and tags.

A post contains 2 basic elements: Post Categories and Post Tags., so that you can manage all your posts easily. This part will introduce you to post categories and how to create them.

Step 1: To create post categories, go to Posts --> Categories

Step 2: Enter category name and click Add new category

Post Tags

Step 1: Similarly, go to Posts --> Tags to create post tags.

Step 2: Add tag name and click Add new tag

Create Posts

Step 1: Go to Posts --> Add new

Step 2: Add your content, then choose categories and tags.

Post Option

There are some post types available so that you can make your posts diversified. Detailed information for each type is mentioned below:

1. Video

There are two available options for you if your post type is Video: YouTube or Vimeo.

2. Audio

Another post type is audio. Go to SoundCloud's website and open an interesting audio. Then copy its ID and paste it to this option.

3. Image

You can add your images into your posts. This option allows you to edit your images directly before adding.

4. Slideshows

This option allows you to display your images with a new lively style. You can add more images which you want to.

Portfolio Categories

Moving to this part, there is some basic information that can help you to create different portfolios. Similar as post, portfolios include 2 elements: Portfolio categories and Portfolio tags.

Step 1: To create Portfolio Categories, you go to Portfolio --> Categories

Step 2: Enter category name and click Add new category

Portfolio Tags

Step 1: Go to Portfolio --> Portfolio Tags to create tags

Step 2: Enter tag name and click Add new tag

Create Portfolios

Step 1: To create new portfolio, you go to Portfolio --> Add new

Step 2: Enter portfolio name, categories and tags.

Notice: Mendoza allows you to use Visual Composer to create your portfolios. To use Visual Composer, click on Backend Editor and start adding elements.