1. Get Started
  2. Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. General Settings
  5. Posts- Portfolios
  6. Theme Options
  7. Demo Pages
  8. Elements
  9. FAQs
  10. Source and Credits

MENDOZA - Multipurpose WordPress Theme


To install this theme and make use of it, there are some requirements to be complied:

I. Plugins

There are some plugins supported. If these required plugins have not yet been installed, Install Plugins section will appear. You can go to Appearance --> Install Plugins to install them.

There are two plugin types: Required plugins and Recommended plugins. All required plugins should be installed when you install this theme:

1. Option tree

2. TZ Plazart (included in theme package)

3. WP-PageNavi

4. Visual Composer

Notice: For Visual Composer, there are some basic usages. Its detail documentation is available in plugin folder of Theme package downloaded or using its online documentation.

- Add Elements: Click on Add Element to add different elements to your pages.

- Row Settings: Open Row Settings to set up your elements to be full-width or boxed and their other information such as margin, border, padding and background image.

II. Icons

This theme has already supported Font Awesome Icons. To use it, you just go to Font Awesome Icon , then do as our instruction: