1. Start
  2. Install Tutorial Video
  3. Config Tutorial Video
  4. Installation
  5. Theme Features
  6. Theme Options
  7. Post Type - Post (Blog)
  8. Post Type - Portfolio
  9. Shortcode
  10. Main Navigation
  11. Create Template Home
  12. Create Template Home video
  13. Create Template Images slideshow
  14. Upload music
  15. Create Template portfolio
  16. Source and Credits
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NicanianII - Wordpress Theme

Documentation 1.0

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to post it on out forum here. Thanks so much! This documentation was made only with the Documenter (except the images)

Install Tutorial Video

click Tutorial Video

Config font Tutorial Video

click Tutorial Video

Config theme Tutorial Video

click Tutorial Video


  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. You will see 4 folders(document, theme, plugin, data-demo) inside.
  3. Installing with the following steps
    • Step 1: Download and install wordpress, If you do not still install WordPress you can download installation package on homepage Click here home Wordpess
    • Step 2: Install Theme NicanianII in Folder Theme.


    • Step 3: Install necessary plugins in folder Plugin.


    • Step 5: So,you installed Nicanian II theme successfully,the next step you will prepare database to serve for your aim, you installed themes successfully .
      You can use our available database. If you use available database, you will continue with sep 6.
    • Step 6: Install available database in folder data-demo. Tools ----> import ----> WordPress

    • Step 7: Finish installation

Theme Features

  1. Full Wordpress 3.5.1 Compatibility
  2. Easy installation
  3. Fullscreen Image, Slide and Video
  4. Ajax Button
  5. Display Video(Youtube ID, Vimeo ID), Slider, Image
  6. jQuery Masonry Script
  7. Responsive design
  8. Unlimited sidebar
  9. Custom metaboxes
    • Portfolio Metabox
    • Post/Page Metabox
  10. Built-in shortcodes
    • Divide Shortcodes
    • Space Shortcodes
    • Column Shortcodes
    • Dropcap Shortcodes
    • Accordion Shortcodes
    • Tabs Shortcodes
    • Blockquote Shortcodes
    • List Shortcodes
    • Youtube Shortcodes
  11. Shortcodes enabled in widgets
  12. Many background patterns available
  13. Advanced theme options panel (Theme Options Section)
  14. Custom portfolio post-type with 2 custom templates
  15. Multi level menu

Theme Options

1. Logo & Favicon Settings

Go to Theme Options page.

Go to Logo & Favicon.

2. 404 Page Content Settings

Go to Theme Options page.

Go to 404 Page.

3. Copyright Settings

Go to Theme Options page.

Go to Copyright and type whatever you want.

4. Theme Style

Go to NicanianII Options page.

NicanianII - Support 3 Theme Style: Default, Drak, Surf

Ex: Theme Surf

5. Font Style

Go to NicanianII Options page.

NicanianII - Support 3 font Style: Default font, Google font, Squirrel font. You can choose one or more tags by filling out class's name,id,the name of html in body select.

6. Home Option

Go to NicanianII Options page.

Configuration for homepage and home video

6.1 Home category
function for select category display

6.2 Show Thumbnails, Title, Description, Icon, Music Home
function to display Thumbnails images, Title, Description, Icon và play background music

For example

6.3 Limit Text, Post
Function to limit the number of text,and the number displayed articles

7. Protfolio Option

Go to Theme Options page.

Configuration for protfolio page

7.1 Portfolio Categories
Function for select categories to display portfolio page

7.2 Limit Text title, Post
Function of limit the number of title's text,and limit the number of displayed articles

7.3 Show title & Tags
Function of show title and tags

Ví dụ

7.4 Sort by & Order by
Function of arrange showing acoording to Title or Date

7.5 Show Social
function of display Social

For exampple

8. Blog Option

Go to NicanianII Options page.

Configuration for Blog page

8.1 Show Sidebar, Comment , Date, Image
Function of show sidebar, comment, date, image

For example

Post Type - Post (Blog)

To create blog post, go to Posts > Add New and fill your contents.

Post Type - Portfolio

First, you need to create portfolio category and attach image to each category, go to Portfolio > Portfolio Categories and fill your contents.

To create portfolio post, go to Portfolio > Add New and fill your contents.

Portfolio Option




How to get Youtube ID and Youtube ID

vimeo ID


We provide shortcode button for easier use at the text editor.

You can see shortcode list online > http://demo.templaza.com/w/nicanian2/short-code/

Create Template Home

HomePage of Nicanian 2 displays according to post in Portfolio with Slideshow form,

You can go to Nicanian option / home option to configure for Home Page

Notice: Posts have to portfolio type: images

Create Home video

Home Video Page Post in Portfolio with Video slideshow,

You can go to Nicanian option / home option to configure for Video Home Page

Notice: Posts have to have portfolio type: video and video type: youtube

Go to Pages > Add New

Create new page and named it as Home video or anything you want.

The results

Create Template Image slideshow

Image Slideshow page shows as Template Home Page, you can create many imate slideshow pages to show with each different category

Notice: Posts have to set portfolio type:images

Go to Pages > Add New

Create new page and named it as Slideshow or anything you want.

Upload music

Music will play in Home Page, image slideshow page

Step 1:You can create 2 files with name: preview.mp3 and preview.ogg

Step 2: You go to settings --> media -- > remove tick in "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders"

step 3: You go to Media --> add new --> upload 2 files preview.mp3 and preview.oog

Step 4: After you uploaded successfully,you go to settings --> media -- > select tick in "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders"

Create Template Portfolio

Go to Pages > Add New

Create new page and named it as Portfolio or anything you want.

Source and Credits


  1. Option Tree
  2. WPAlchemy MetaBox PHP Class
  3. Shiba Media Library
  4. Categories Images
  5. Aqua Resizer
  6. WP-PageNavi
  7. Contact Form 7


  1. jQuery
  2. HTML5
  3. Bootstrap
  4. jQuery MiniColors
  5. Cloud Zoom
  6. jQuery HoverIntent
  7. jQuery Easing
  8. jQuery FitText
  9. jQuery FlexSlider
  10. jQuery Infinite Scroll
  11. jQuery Isotope
  12. jQuery kinetic
  13. jQuery Superfish
  14. jQuery Supersized

Icon & Image & Sound

  1. http://iconsweets2.com/
  2. http://www.flickr.com/groups/fashionphotography/pool/
  3. www.flickr.com/groups/modeling/pool/
  4. Buy great audio of Randomizer22


  1. OpenSans
  2. Arial

Say Thanks

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version 1.4: update template image slideshow