Plazart Framework

Tab "Preset"

This function will not be useful for you if you install the template the quickstart package.

However, it is extremely useful if you install the template manually.

It means that you can absolutely have a layout like ours without manual configuration.

To use this "preset" function, please go to "Extensions/Template Manager/Select one template style

In this case, you select "plazart_blank -Default". After opening it, you will see:

After inputing information like the image above, you will get a preset

Below is the instruction on how to load an available preset::

Folder Contents
1 Go to Extensions/Template Manager/Select the layout "plazart_blank - Default"
2 Copy another layout template style from "plazart_blank - Default" and change its name into "plazart_blank - Home"
3 Go to the tab "Preset"of the layout "plazart_blank - Home". After that, you will see some presets of layouts available. You can select one of them to load. After clicking the button "Load Preset", you will see the box " Load Preset". At that time, you select "Accept".
4 Finally, you will have the template layout which you want.

Note:: The name of template style will be change when you use a specific template.

For example: In the template "Titania", it will be "tz_titania_joomla-Default"