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  2. Module Installation
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TZ News Pro Version 3.1.0 Template

Documentation 1.0

Thank you for use my module. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to post it on out forum here. Thanks so much! This documentation was made only with the Documenter (except the images)

Template Installation

Installation TZ News Pro is easy and quick.

Install this like a standard Joomla extensions (Extensions - Install/Unistall). You go to: Extensions Manager Find mod_tz_news_pro.zip file on your computer browser and click "Upload and Install".

Create Module



Module have 7 layouts

Basic Options

Slider Options

You go to module choose Slide Options

Marquee Options

You go to module choose Marquee Options

Tabs Options

You go to module choose Tabs Options

Tooltip Options

You go to module choose Tooltip Options