How to configure TZ New Pro

Posted by nguyen nhung on May 14, 2014 in TZ New Pro

Firstly, you go to “Module” tab to configure.

module tab
Mageger: Content manager source: Tz Portfolio or Joomla content.
Enable jquery: To choose jquery library or not.
Image size: To select the type of images displayed: Xsmall, small, medium, large, Xlarge.
Order by: To sort articles by: date create, title, hits…
Type order: To sort articles by descending or ascending.
Limit article: To limit the number of displayed articles.
Limit introtext: To limit the number of displayed introtext.
Limit title: To limit the number of text of title.
Link Redirect: To redirect to article or portfolio article

There are several layouts for module to display. You go to “Advanced/Alternative layout” to choose layout. Each layout has its option tab, except from 3 layouts: Accordion, Default and Feature. For example, if you choose marquee layout, you go to “Marquee Options” to configure it.


In “Marquee Option”

Custom Class: You can choose Simply-scroll or Vert to display.
Orientation: Horizontal or vertical
You should choose Simply-scroll along with horizontal
You should choose Vert along with vertical.
Direction: forwards or backwards.
Framerate: Number of movements/speed.

After you finish configuring in “Marquee Option”, you go to “Portfolio and Content Options” to choose category of articles to display and “Menu Assignment” to assign the page you want to display. You do similarly with other layouts.

Marquee layout will look like this in the page:

In “Slider Option”

Auto Slide: To display slider automatically
Show Pause/Play: To show or hide pause/pay dynamic element
Slider loop: To execute slider repeatedly.
Effect: To select your animation type: slide or fade
Show Previous/Next: To create navigation previous/next or not
Animation Speed: Number of speed of animation movement.
Slide Speed: To set the speed of slideshow cycling in millisecond
ItemWidth: To set the width for articles.
MinItem: The minimum number of articles
MaxItem: The maximum number of articles.

Slider layout will show articles with slide like below:


In “Carousel Option”


Auto Play: To animate slider automatically.
Navigation: To show navigation or not.
Stop On Hover: To stop autoplay on mouse hover.
Single Item: To display only one item
Items Scale Up: Option to not stretch items when it is less than the supplied items.
Rewind Nav: To slide to first item.
Pagination: To show pagination.
Pagination Numbers: To show numbers inside pagination button.
Items: To set the maximum number of items displayed at a time with the widest browser width.
Slide Speed: To change slide speed in milliseconds.
Pagination Speed: To change pagination speed in milliseconds.
Rewind Speed: To change animation rewind speed in milliseconds.

Carousel layout will display like this:


In “Tooltip Option”

Fadeinspeed: To set number of fade-in effect speed
Border: To change color for border of box
Border out: To change color for border of box when pressing “s” or clicking right to stick the box
Background: To change color for background of box
Background out: To change color for background of box when pressing “s” or clicking right to stick the box
Tooltip Status: To show or hide status at the bottom of box.

Tooltip layout will display like this:


In “Tab Option”

Type tab: To select: Category or Module
If you choose “Category”, it will display articles in the category that you pick up in “Portfolio and Content Options”.
If you choose “Module”, it will display module you choose in “Modules”
Custom title: To create name of the tabs (only work with Custom title in Option title)
Option title: You can choose module title as the name of tabs or you can choose custom title with the name you create in “Custom title”
Position title: Top or bottom.
Number module: To limit the number of displayed modules.

You will have Tab layout to display tab form after configuration:


Beside the layouts above, you can have choices for other layouts
Default layout

This layout will show articles with common information form as a listing


Accordion layout


We hope that these useful guides will help you use TZ New Pro easily. Don’t forget to share it to others.





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