How to create a guestbook

Posted by nguyen nhung on May 14, 2014 in TZ Guestbook

Step 1: After installing Joomla Version 3.3 and uploading TZ Guestbook successfully, you continue to create a new menu.
There are two views when using TZ Guestbook.

  1. Guestbook: Only lists TZ guestbook.
  2. List All Categories: Shows a list of all the article categories within a category.

a. View: Guestbook


If using the view of Guestbook, you can see like that:

hien guestbook

b. View: List all categories


If using the view of List All Categories, you can see like that:

hien categories

Step 2:  After creating menus, you need to create categories for Tz Guestbook
You click on “Components / TZ Guestbook / Categories”


Step 3: Create a guestbook
Go to your site and click on the menu “Guestbook”, you can see the word phrase “Sign Guestbook”
create guestbook1

After clicking the “ Sign Guestbook”, you can see the following light box


You need to finish all the information in the light box above, and then you click on the button “Send Guestbook” at the bottom-right corner and you will get a successful message below.



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