How to Create Element in JVisual Content

Posted by Star Mai on September 22, 2015 in JVisual Content

After creating Extra Fields, you need to create new Elements. Please follow steps below:


1. Go to Components > JVisual Content > Elements

2. Click New to create a new one.

3. Add Title, Name, Class Icon or Image Icon, Introtext, and CSS Code and others.

You can use one of available attributes (extra fields) to style your shortcode HTML.

They are the Extra Field you create in the first part.

4. Click Save to complete the task

To add the Extra field, you can put the mouse cursor on the Shortcode HTML box then click on the add button “+” of the field you want.

You can also reposition the fields too.

You can see this video for details configuration: [Semona] How To Use JVisual Content


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