How to Create Module Using JVisual Content

Posted by Star Mai on September 22, 2015 in JVisual Content

After creating Extra Fields and Elements, you can create modules using the JVisual Content.

Please follow steps below:

1. Go to the Extensions > Module Manager and choose Custom HTML type



2. Do the essential steps like in the image.

Next, Click on the Add Element Button to add element.


3. Now you can choose the Element you want.



4. After that, hover on the new created block and Edit the data .

Depend on each Element, you need to fill in different field to complete it.


There are many different tools for you to choose, you can hover on them to see the tutorial text.

You can create many blocks, columns, rows in a module.


5. Assign this module to the menu item in tab Menu Assignment and check the options in tab Module Permissions and Advanced.

Also, choose Yes for using Prepare Content to apply the JVisual Content.


6. After finish configuring all the options, click Save to end the mission.

Now, you can check the module in your site.


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