How To Create Board

Posted by phuong on June 9, 2014 in Tz PinBoard

Firstly, You have to create category in Tz Pinboard

You can go to Administrator/Components/Tz Pinboard/Categories/New


Secondly, You have to continue activating module mod_tz_pinboard_add

Step1: To active module, you can go to Administrator/Module Manager

active module
Step 2: After you finish to active module, you will see the appearance of Module on your site


Thirdly, You can create Pin and Board

1: How to create Boards

Step 1: Click on “Click to Pin” on module mod_tz_pinboard_add which you have just activated

click button
Step 2: After you click button, you will see a board.  Now, you click on “Create a board”

click to create bỏad
Step3: Create a board in detail

create board



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