How to Install JVisual Content

Posted by Star Mai on September 22, 2015 in JVisual Content


To install our template, your site need to meet the following requirements

1.  Your site should meet all the Joomla! Technical Requirements

2.  To support the JVisual Content, your site should support Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome


To install this interesting extension, Please follow the steps below:

1. Download the JVisual package from THIS LINK


2. In the Admin Panel, go to Extensions > Extension Manager

3. In the Extensions: Install, click Browser and Navigate to the JVisual Content installation package.

4. Click on Upload & Install button

When you see the Message: “Installing component was successful.”, the component is successfully installed in your site.

Now, you need to create Extra Fields, Element  then you can use them in the Custom HTML module or creating article with JVisual Content.


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