How to use Audio for articles

Posted by nguyen nhung on June 24, 2014 in TZ Portfolio

1.    Paste the code of the soundcloud in the SoundCloud ID:


  • SoundCloud ID: ID of the song to play a SoundClound song.
  • SoundCloud Thumb: Thumbnail for SoundCloud song.
  • SoundCloud Caption: Caption for SoundCloud song.

2.    The steps to take SoundCloud ID from page:

Step 1: You search “ Bruno Mars”
Step 2: Do like the picture as follows:


3.    Audio options

There are three ways to configure audio options.
The 1st way is to configure for all articles using audio. In this way, you go to Components / TZ Portfolio /Options/Audio. You can see the following table:


The 2nd way is to configure for each menu item


The 3rd way is to configure for each article using audio. In this way, when creating an article, you can see on the right hand where you can do some configurations for audio options.


4. Note: The priority Order to receive the options in configuring Google Maps

  • 1st: Using article settings
  • 2nd: Using menu settings
  • 3rd: Using TZ Portfolio’s Options


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