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Posted by nguyen nhung on June 3, 2014 in Plazart Framework



1.    Theme

You can select the theme which you want in the box on the right hand.






However, each template you use will have the certain number of themes. There are templates with many themes, but there are also templates only having theme “Default”. It is not important in term of this aspect because the theme has effect on changing the style of your site.

2.    Logo type

There are four types of logo. They are image, text, from CSS and None.
a)    Image
If you use this type, your logo is shown by an image.




b)    Text
If you select this type, your logo is shown by a text.




c)    None
If you do not use the logo on your website, you can select “None” to disable the logo




d)    From CSS




If you use this logo type, you need to add the following code into the file “template.css”.
background:url(‘url your logo ‘) center no-repeat;
height:your logo height;
width: your logo width;

3.    Favicon images

You can select your favicon images from upload pictures or leave this field blank if you want to use standard favicon.ico image from the template directory.




4.    Framework logo at the bottom

You can enable/disable showing the framework logo at bottom.



5.    Google Analytics Script

You can define Google Analytics Script used on your website.





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