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I purchased Aventura last week, set it up with the child-theme and did some customisations.

And you released the update with Woocommerce which i wanted. So i downloaded the new update and tried replacing the parent theme with the new parent theme (There was no documentation for updating, so i assumed just replacing is enough) but that didn't work.

So i did a full fresh installation and setup the child theme and the required plugins. After adding some demo tours tried booking, but having issues getting the cart to work. I think you should release proper documents on how to get the cart working.

Bug on Woocommerce:
- Did select the cart pages Theme options -> tour setting but. But after adding a tour to cart when i try to checkout it goes to homepage and product on the cart seems to be deleted.

Other issues:
- Theme options color panel doean't work at all with the child them, it doesn't apply new colors to buttons etc
- I'd like to disable newsletter completely, how do i do this?
- Also want to disable and remove discounts from all prices, how do i do this?
- Also remove the popup when you click Book now from the search listings, instead take to the tour page.

Please let me know how to achieve these.

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Giang Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Monday, 05 March 2018
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We are so sorry for late reply. We are going to update the documentation as soon as possible. Regarding to your questions:

+ To activate WooCommerce for tours, you go to Theme Options > Booking Options > Enable WooCommerce.

Then, when you book a tour, the Cart and Checkout page of WooCommerce will be used instead of Tour Cart and Tour Checkout page.
After you enable WooCommerce, all settings will be in WooCommerce > Settings

+ Regarding to the Color, we will check it again.
+ To remove the Newsletter, pls add the following CSS to Theme Options > Custom CSS:

display: none;

+ In case you don't want to use Discount, when you create a tour, you don't need to enter the discount value.

+ At this moment, it is unable to link the "Book Now" button to the tour detail. We will check it again. If it's urgent for you, we can offer the custom work with custom fee.

For any further detail assistance, you can create a ticket and send us your site and login information.

We will help you check the problems.

Best regards,
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Nameez Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Sunday, 04 March 2018
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Also is there any setting to be done on the Woocommerce settings section? on checkout tab under settings for Woocommerce cart page, checkout page etc needs to be selected..and "Tour cart" and "Tour Checkout" pages and "Cart" and "Checkout" pages generated by Woocommerce.

Please give a clear guidance as to how Woocommerce has to be configured.

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