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Hi everybody! :)

At first, my english really suck... So if u can go easy with that, it will be cool =D

I both the template nicanianII for wordpress. He's verry amazing and i love in special 3 parts of this tempalte. First, the menu... 2nd the slide in home, and 3rd the portfolio.

Im looking for use it as a eCommerce. I want to sell origamis (yeah i know, im crazy).

I'm totaly newbie in wordpress, but im learn quick. So if u can just give me a few help, i will apreciate. Actualy i tryed to use "wp e commerce", but i dont like at all the design. I woud like to integrate the "presentation" of my products in the portfolio.

There is a picture of my trys:

I even post in wp french forum (im not french, but i speak it better than english). No a single answer... and forum is going down somethimes (error 50X).

If someone can give to me a way for integrate a eCommerce in NicanianII portfolio... is wat i need :)

Thanks you a lot for try to read my bad english,

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  1. Wednesday, 07 August 2019
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Thanks for your post!
Unfortunately, the theme Nicanian II you're using is no longer supported. So I suggest that you should request a custom job at:
Our technical team will consider proceeding it.

Best regards,
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