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I am creating a site locally with xampp; I use dekor quick start version 1.5 (last version); I created a module in position right in the main body in which to insert a module TZ categories menu;
unfortunately in this version I get an error 1064 in sql syntax.
How do I fix?
When the update with joomla 3.4.3 will be available?

Thank You.
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  1. Wednesday, 22 July 2015
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Thank you very much for choosing our Dekor and contacting us.

About the problem here:

1. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of TZ Portfolio ( v3.3.2)
2. Please make sure that you have a menu item including the category used in the module
3. Please make sure that your site support all the requirements for new Joomla.
You can check it here:

4. About the new version of Joomla, you can update your site to the latest version of Plazart Framework to compatible with it.
Pls click on the Download Zip button at the end of right side bar then upload it via Extension Manager. Then use CTRL+F5 to check your site.

If there is still problem, please create a ticket, send us your site and admin account and the problem here.

Pls follow this link if you bought the template on our site

and follow this link if you bought it on Envato

We will check and help you.

Thanks and Best Regards!
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