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  3. Thursday, 15 January 2015
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Hello all our dear customers,

Firstly, let us thank you for choosing our Exception Joomla! Template.

In this topic, we will give you some recommendations for HOW TO APPROACH the TUTORIAL of the template.

After downloading the template package from website and extracting it, you can see many folders in the package.
For example, here is an image of the package downloaded from the Themeforest.


Firstly, it should be had a look at readme.txt. In this file, there is information about the Product, Required Addons and Support Chanels.

Besides, you can use our online documentation by following this link:

[color=#44bb00]EXCEPTION DOC LINK[/color]

However, when you use our online documentation, you should wait until it is fully loaded for having convenient use.

Beside, you can use the document file in the package.
Just open it, you can see easily know how to install Exception without waiting for loading.

Though in each product, TemPlaza has tried the best to develop each feature, it cannot be perfect.

Thus, all of your recommendation and new feeds is valuable for us to improve it to become better and better.

You can have a quick look at our demo again here:

[color=#448800]EXCEPTION DEMO LINK[/color]

If there is any expectation or ideas, please leave us a comment in this forum or email support@templaza.com.

Also if there is any difficulty with our template, feel free to contact us for help.

Thanks and Best Regards!
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