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  3. Friday, 16 December 2016
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I would like to get a new template from your company (Shoot Template).
This template comes with a free Hikashop Starter plugin.
I want to use Business version of Hikashop.

1. What is the upgrade price of Hikashop Starter to Hikashop Business?
2. When you upgrade the Hikashop version; CSS, Class...etc losses, incompatibilities in the Shoot Template?
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Hi Erol,

Thanks so much for your interest in our Shoot template and the questions here.

1. Our template supports both Hikashop Starter and Bussiness version.
In our demo, we use the Bussiness version to show you the features this template supports.
If you upgrade Starter version to Bussiness version, there is no need for you to change anything in CSS or code.

2. If you want to use Hikashop Bussiness version, you need to purchase it from Hikashop then install in Shoot template.

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