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It's highly recommended that updating the latest version of the template is the best way to avoid unexpected errors with old version. Here below are steps of updating a newer version:

1. Back up your site carefully before you start t update this template
2. Download the latest version of this template (Zip file)
3. Extract that Zip file > all files and folders are included like attachment.
4. Go to admin > Extension > manage > install > upload: package_template, all modules, plugin, and component
6. Go to admin > Component > TZ portfolio plus > add-on > upload add-on included
7. Go to admin > Component > TZ portfolio plus > template > upload "charity_template_for_tz_portfolio_plus"

These are all steps to get updating process done. Please make sure you follow all of them.
P/s: Please do not upload Quickstart (Zip file).
If there are any issues after updating, kindly report to us via ticket for this forum.

Best regards,
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