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I have so much problem on Shoot template, please help me!

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  2. Edward Shih
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  6. Tuesday, 07 May 2019
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Hello support,

I summarized all the problem I met when using the Shoot template. Please help me...

1. The products or categories always show vertically. I want to achieve a horizontal layout.
Reference webpage:

2. I can't choose words, select characteristics buttons, the quality field or add to cart on the product detail page. And the product description didn't display in the form. Another question is that all the product pictures are fuzzy. How to solve that?
Reference webpage:

3. When I click the Vendor Control Panel menu item, it jumps to the Home page. The same problem I have is the cart menu. It doesn't show the cart but shows the product. These problems didn't appear in the previous template.
Reference webpage:

4. The last problem, for now, is how to change the language into Chinese. Such as the Titleproduct detail page, I want to change all the language into Chinese.

I attached all the screenshots for reference.

Thanks in advance.
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Accepted Answer
Bao Bui Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Saturday, 18 May 2019
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1. If you use a Hikashop module, please open the module > Hikashop options > and set up the item columns horizontally.
Please see the screenshot:
If you use the component, please go to menus > open your menu item > tab "Hikashop Opions" and set the item columns likewise.
2. Please send me your admin account via private message, I would like to have a look
3. I clicked on the vendors, and it went to each vendor's page properly. And the cart shows normally there
4. Please refer to Hikashop documentation to know how to translate:
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