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Dear all our beloved customers,

On behalf of TemPlaza team, we would like to express our sincere thanks for having been always accompanying us.

In order to offer you the best experience, we have been trying our best to provide more new better Joomla templates, WordPress Themes, Extensions and improve our customer services.

We find that some TemPlaza’s themes are out of date; thereby, can’t satisfy your expectation and requirements. Hence, today we have an important announcement that [color=#ff0000]obsolete themes included in the following list will no longer be supported in the future[/color]. However, you still can download and use these themes if you are a member of TemPlaza’s community.

Please click and have a look at the list of OFF-SUPPORTED WordPress Themes.

VALID TIME: [color=#ff0000]From September 1st, 2016[/color]

Thanks and Best Regards,

TemPlaza Team,
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