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Thanks for all your previous responses. It's great.

I have migrated the database from local to the internet. And a few issues have happened.

I have corrected a few ones but there are still some I cannot figure out.
On my local version, the home page displays 6 slides full size with no problem. On the internet version, I can only get 1 pic and it's small, it doesn't fit the whole window while the text does.
Could you possibly fix this.

I can send you (on a private mail the website / login / password).

Also, on the post, could you possible try to remove the back bar underneath the text in the posts.

I have included a pic to show what I'm getting.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks a lot
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  1. Thursday, 13 August 2015
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Hello Eric,

We got your problem. Can you please send us your site and admin account?
You can create a new ticket that will be seen by you and our support team only.
If you bought our theme from Envato, please go to this link to add ticket:
If you bought our theme from our website or other marketplace, you can go here:

We will help you to check the problems as soon as possible.

Thanks and Best Regards
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