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Hello all our dear friends,

We have already released some update versions of our themes with the latest versions of Visual Composer plugin - version 4.9 and version 4.9.1. However, we've found that after you update this plugin, some of you guys face to a problem: your elements added are resized. They are not full-width as they used to be.

To solve this problem, you can configure in Row Settings and Column Settings of your elements.

1. Row Setting: In General Tab, you can select Row type to be Stretch Row. For more instruction, you can refer to the video tutorial here:

2. Column Settings: In Design Options tab, you can adjust padding to be 0.

For further instruction, you can refer to online document of Visual Composer here:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks so much,

TemPlaza WordPress Team
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