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Is there a way to have "book now" button here with a custom link? We aren't using the booking system, but loved the look of the theme.

Ideally in the booking side bar, have two things

1) ability to have a custom button with text and custom URL
2) ability to add an iframe/html in this same location

Is this possible? All other themes we've used in the past from Theme forest had the ability to turn off the booking engine and replace.

Here's an example of what another theme did:

note the booking button is just a custom URL.
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  1. Monday, 01 October 2018
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In case you want to add an external link to the booking form, you can create an external link like this one:
Regarding to your booking engine you are using, we are not sure if it can be used with our theme without editing in files.
In different themes, the forms may not be built in a same way. We need to check in detail before answering exactly.

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