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Templates needs updating!!

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  5. Tuesday, 29 November 2016
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I'm using the Shoot template on a website and it isn't fully compatible with changes to Gooogle Maps (API Key), there's hard coding applied to the overrides and a few other bits that just lets the templates down.

I'm having to spend time reworking the templates to get them to actually function properly, take the tags module for instance, there was no link in the module so when you select to show the link in admin module params it applies an href tag with a hash, which is incorrect, also there are still many references to old Joomla code so, for example, you are still trying to use JRequest to get URL params, I'm guessing you need to get someone to sort these issues out because without these updates your templates will be so old they will fail to function.

Really simple things, but this is what makes the difference between a good, well-maintained template house and one that just doesn't cut it.

You'd also get more members if you released a template each month like every other template provider.

Just my two cents.

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Mai Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 29 November 2016
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Thanks so much for contacting us and so sorry for the inconvenience you have faced with.

For any issue in the template, please create a ticket in our site, send us your site, admin account and detail info about the problem.
We will check then can support you.

You can check this one for more detail about ticket system:

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