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  1. charles chew
  2. Titania
  3. Thursday, 18 June 2015
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I bought your themes last than a week.

Two of the templates have serious errors.

One is Mendoza and the other is Titania.


The file could not be uploaded without using ftp.
After installing, the demo data could not be imported as errors showing up with a long list of them.
When i tried to go to themes to customize, even from the preview page, gibberish is found.

How can this be happening. I bought your themes after the new themes were updated.
I do not see the themes as per your demo, its showing up in code, be it from the appearance panel or on the actual display of the site.

One of the plugins that was not included in the folders that i downloaded, is being prompted.
The name of which is wpbaker visual composer.

The same occurs for the request of this plugin for Titania.

This plugin cannot be updated automatically from the install plugin page under the appearance tab of wordpress dashboard; as it says that the link is obsolete.

When i manually search for the plugin it is no found on the plugin installer found in dashboard. The same name of wpbaker visual composer appears but has a slightly different version as it includes other functions. Even after i installed that plugin it does not make things right.

Please resolve these problems asap. I am trying to put things up on a tight schedule.
Meanwhile i have no choice but to try out other themes, hopefully the problem does not surface.
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Hello Charles,

We are so sorry for all inconvenience you've faced and thanks so much for your feedback. We will check theme package again.

To solve your problem quickly, can you please send us your license, your sites which are using Titania and Mendoza WordPress Theme?
Also, please send us your admin accounts of these sites so we can help you to check in back end.

Please send your information to our email:

P/s: We are using premium version of Visual Composer, so that you can use it freely. However, if you want to update this plugin automatically, you have to buy a new premium of this plugin. We are updating Mendoza and Titania and new version of Visual Composer will be included. Then, you can get new update of this plugin.

Thanks so much for using our themes.

Best Regards,
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  1. more than a month ago
  2. Titania
  3. # 1
charles chew

My licences are purchased using this email.
I have yet to register the licence with your company because i have not decided which template to register them with and on which websites.

So far i only had success with Eventory, the rest had seriously failed incidents of importing the data to give me a good template to see what the page looks like.

I had bought some templates before and i have been working with quite a few template online as well.
The templates so far had ready designed pages that i can easily customize on the appearance customize page.

The ones that we have here, relies on the pages that is already created as a format to let us using the existing structure of your design. However when the import data fails to load, the pages are not available for me to edit and apply.

I would like to ask for your help. to set up the sites for me so that i could genuinely try out and see what they look like on the live site. Because some of them does not look as per what we see in demo. Precisely why i have to apply the templates one by one to examine the details.

Here i like to reiterate on two things:

1. To have install all the different sites just to have a look is very tedius. Right now just trying out the two design templates i already took so much time. I hope that you can show me exactly how to do it so that the imports can be successfully set up and the demo be set up to have a full version. From there i can edit and conform it to the way i need it to be.

2. If you cannot do that, or cannot identify where the faults are; then i have no choice but to ask you to install aragon, titania and henry for me. Should they turn out to be not suitable for my applications i will have to come back and ask you to try other designs again.

I have gone through the forums and updated all necessary steps such as upload theme, then the plugins, then before i update the themes i tried importing the files. I also tried after i update then i import the files.

It always fails. But the files are updated but in complete, the template looks as if half broken.

i had already defined the upload sizes to 500mb in wpconfig and stil its not working...
i had the php.ini also updated.

define('WP_DEBUG', false);
define('WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M');

upload_max_filesize = 1024M
post_max_size = 500M

Though the files failed to import some files were installed. And the template looks wrong.
From customize appearance, where i select static front page, i need a template page to work with. There are many pages, but all show up wrongly.

You managed to do it for me. But you have to keep doing one by one; i understand your time constraints.
You might need to guide and teach me how to do it, else i am consuming your time. I am reasonable to say that it will work better for both of us if you can show me how to do it.

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  1. more than a month ago
  2. Titania
  3. # 2
Hello Charles,

2 files that I sent you via email some days ago are latest one. To import successfully, please install all the plugins.

Then, you will process import data demo. If a plugin has not yet installed, such as WooCommerce, all data related to this plugin will not be imported and give you a message of fail importation of this information.

If you import more than one time, some data will be double and there will be a message to announce you that this information exist.

To be ensured, when you import author, you don't check on " Download and import file attachments" . By this way, your media may not be imported, but your importation will be quick.

After importing, you have to go to Appearance --> Menus and locate your primary menu.

You have also to go to Settings --> Reading and set your front page which will be a static page.

I am so sorry for not giving you detail instruction. Can you please send me the screenshot of whole message you got when you imported?

Thanks and Best Regards,
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  1. more than a month ago
  2. Titania
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