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Frequently Asked Questions


Your use of the Work, under the Single License, is subject to the following conditions:

  1. You are allowed to download from our site during your product period: 12months.
  2. You may use template on unlimited domains on any page. If needed, you can test templates on subdomains.
  3. You may use the Work alone or you may incorporate the Work into another work you are creating.
  4. You must not directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell the Work, or redistribute the Work alone (even for free), or offer to do any of these things. All of these things are referred to as Resale.
  5. You may use the Work in a work which you are creating for your own purposes or for your client who has asked you to create it.
  6. You must not incorporate the Work in a work which is created for Resale by you or your client.
  7. If the Work is used or incorporated in a work there is no restriction on the number of copies of that work that can be reproduced and distributed (provided the use/incorporation remains a single application and the copies are not for Resale).
  8. Notwithstanding the restriction on Resale, if you acquire the Work on behalf of your client you may recoup from your client the cost of acquiring the Work.
  9. Single License can not download PSD Source.

Till this moment, there are several ways you can get support from our staff, namely:

  • Support Forum.

    When being our member, you have access to our forum where you can post your problem and get support to solve it.

  • Support Desk System

    It includes two supporting systems: the Ticket system, by submitting a ticket about your problem to us, member will receive answer to the problem. It is also fast and easy to check whether your problem has been solved and how it is fixed.
    The second worth-mentioning supporting system is FAQ includes a lot of useful information to be found.

  • E-mail

    It is also possible to e-mail to support@templaza.com in order to ask them for help.


 At this time, we do not have affiliate program and we are not planning to implement it in the nearest future.


Yes, you are only allowed to customize all templates you have downloaded during the validity duration of the license and in registered domains. If you need to create a new domain (e.g. for your client), you need to renew your license in order to make this project legally used.

Additionally, after your license expired you do not have access to our support forum, updates, etc. To access these sections, you have to renew your membership.


No, it is impossible to resell TemPlaza templates. You are only allowed to sell your projects created which are based on TemPlaza templates.


 By purchasing Developer Membership, you have immediate access to our TemPlaza site, to products and services offered by our Club.

Additional features exclusive for Developer Membership:

  • Permission to download all templates released and the new launched from the moment you join our Club and during your membership time;
  • Use templates on unlimited number of domains; but please do remember that all domains have to be registered at our site;
  • Access to VIP support forum which is exclusive for Developer licensed members;
  • 30% discount for membership renewal

After joining our Membership, every member is obliged to register a domain used. When you create a domain, either yours or your client's, you have to register it in order to make it legal.

It is crucial to make your projects authorized and not to exceed the number of domains specified in particular memberships, which help to restrict illegal use of our templates.

How to do that?

After logging in, go to "Members Section" area and choose from menu: "Domain registration" option and there place your domain. Any time, it can be checked whether a domain given is registered at our site or not.


Yes, you are completely free to remove the TemPlaza.com copyright (or logo) information from the footer.


Yes! The TemPlaza membership enables you to use the TemPlaza! themes on your clients' sites but it excludes Personal Membership. Please note the number of domains on which you use templates with particular memberships and make sure that it is registered at our site.


1. Joomla Personal, WordPress Personal

This Membership gives you access to all existing and new templates released by TemPlaza (except Themeforest Exclusive product). You are allowed to download and get support from our site during your subscription period: 4 months.

After subscription expired, you are unable to download anything more from our site but it does not mean that you cannot use templates downloaded during your subscription time. As its name suggests, you are allowed to use templates for your personal purposes only without gaining any profits and you cannot use it on any page. The number of domains is also restricted to 2 and it is forbidden to use more than that, however, it is possible to test templates on subdomains.

What is more, you have access to support forum but it lacks VIP technical support where our specialists reply to your problems/inquiries within 24hours. It is worth mentioning that there is no discount while renewing subscription.