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10 Best FREE WordPress Gallery Plugins

Are you looking for a free gallery plugin to show your amazing images? With so many plugins, countless features and functions available, you may feeling a mixture of emotions at the points: excitement, apprehension, impatience, and confusion. It is also sometimes hard to determine which plugin is your best choice.

To help you narrow down the total candidates, today, we’re going to give you a collection of some useful free gallery plugins you should try. These plugins are picked based on their outstanding functions and their usage.

Now that you’ve come up with the list, it’s high time for you to try and select your best tool. Here we go:

1. TZ Plus Gallery

tz plus gallery

This Plus Gallery, a simple brand-new plugin developed by Templaza, will bridge the gap between your social media and your website. With this amazing plugin, it is extremely easy for you to exhibit your beautiful images and albums from social sources including Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Flickr. Are you wondering whether you can upload your own album in your WordPress admin? It is completely possible to do this. After creating your own album, you just copy its shortcode and paste it to your pages or posts. How simple it is!

TZ Plus Gallery also have pro version which offers you a lot of stunning layouts. You can refer to its demo to enjoy these layouts. It sounds great! Let it be your ideal solution.


2. Foo Gallery

foo gallery

Another plugin you should try is called Foo Gallery – a powerful plugin of Fooplugins. Foo Gallery is designed to be a useful tool to upload image or video galleries which is supported in FooVideo Premium. In backend, built-in albums are available as an Extension for you to create your own different albums.

No matter who you are: a newbie in WordPress or an excellent developer, this simple plugin will give you a hand to create your own galleries and albums with ease.


3. Easy Image Gallery

easy image gallery

As its name, this plugin is extremly easy tool to upload your galleries. Galleries are automatically appended to your bottom of your posts and pages. You can also use its shortcode to insert your gallery to any positions in your posts and pages. Especially, fancyBox and prettyPhoto are supported that you can simply select in its Settings section.

Easy Image Gallery is a suitable choice for users who enjoy simplification and desire to create a simple galleries. If you are interest in this plugin, don’t hesitate to try it right now!


4. Gallery


Unlike previous plugins mentioned above, this Gallery plugin is an advanced plugin coming with plenty of tools and options available for adding and editing images for different views. You will be surprised with how complete this plugin is. Besides basic functions including adding galleries and albums, advanced options are presented straightforwardly for you to set up and select different layouts.

In additional, there are some other interesting add-ons supported in premium version. Taking an example, with Photo Gallery Facebook add-on, you can display Facebook images and videos quickly and simply.


5. Grand Flagallery

grand flagallery

Grand Falgallery is a combination of different functions that helps you to show the best of your products. With this smart choice, you can beatify your site by creating your amazing photo galleries, creating mp3 player or video playlist, banner rotator, nivo slider or nice slideshow widgets. Moreover, all pages using Grand Galleries are separated in a section; thus, you can manage your galleries and their positions easily.

Well, let’s imagine that how wonderful it is when you can listen to music while watching your gallery. If you are interested in this plugin and its features, let it be your tool!


6. NextGen Gallery

nextgen gallery

This is one of the most popular gallery plugins with over 13 million downloads. This powerful engine allows you to upload and manage your galleries and albums with lots of related actions such as adding meta data, adding/deleting/rearranging/sorting images and more.

Different front-end display styles coming with various setting options for controlling size, style, timing, transition, controls and lightbox effects are useful for you to make your galleries attractive.

More than that, with NextGen Gallery, you can also set roles and capabilities of various users in your site. You can, for example, allow authors to upload and manage their own galleries, while preventing them from touching other users’galleries. If you desire to use more interesting functions and layouts, it is recommended to upgrade to NextGen Plus or NextGen Pro.


7. Responsive WordPress Gallery – Envira Gallery Lite

responsive wp gallery

Here is another ideal choice for you. Using all native WordPress features, this plugin lets you to create your galleries in the simpliest, fastest and most effective way. It provides a user interface that seemlessly blends into your WordPress admin area; therefore, creating a new gallery is very similar to create a new post in WordPress which makes it extremely beginner friendly.

Do you want even more WordPress gallery features such as unlimited galleries, widgets, ecommerce store and all other gallery features? Just visit and enjoy its Premium version.


8. Gallery Bank – Photo Galleries & Albums

gallery bank

If you enjoy an advanced plugin, why don’t you try Gallery Bank – a free WordPress plugin with tons of extra-ordinary features. With this plugin, you are allowed to load more than 200 features and create stunning photo galleries in any WordPress site. Additionally, you will find it easy to edit each album individually or configure your galleries and albums globally.

Smart back-end option panel, acompanying with built-in document, you will be easy to take advantages of this plugin. Premium version of this plugin is also available that brings you various useful features.


9. WP Photo Album Plus

wp album plus

With this WP Photo Album Plus plugin, it is extremely simple to create various albums that contain photos as well as sub albums at the same time. You can not only mix photos and videos throughout the system but also you can upload your albums without any limitation.

Besides these features, there are lots of other wonderful features and options which you can use to make up your albums. As an example, you can add a Photo of the day Sidebar Widget that displays a photo which can be changed every hour, day or week. You even can add a Search Sidebar widget which enables your visitors to search ablums quickly. Let’s enjoy it now!


10. Simplest Gallery

simplest gallery

Now, we are going to end this collection with final simple choice – Simplest Gallery. The beauty of this plugin is in the way it works so seamlessly with the regular core gallery functionality. Just install and activate to enjoy a really nice jQuery fancy box effect on your existing galleries. This little plugin also offers a range of other gallery styles such as LightView, Cycle Slideshow, etc. You can add these formats freely by adding its add-on plugins.


In a nutshell, we hope that this collection can provide you with some useful recommendations to create your fantastic galleries and albums. Do you have any other favorite suggestion? Let’s us know in the comment, we’d love to hear from you.

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