10 Google Font Combinations Trending in 2019


The importance of fonts for a WordPress website is undeniable because different fonts have different levels of readability, reader friendliness, and different personality and style affecting greatly the bounce rates and conversion rates. Basically, you should take a little time to pick a suitable Google Font family instead of choosing the first font you see hastily.

Besides using the standard fonts, you can totally use font pairings as recipes for typographical success to make up your websites. In this article, a list of trendy hand-picked Google Font combinations will give you several suggestions for your website.

In no particular order, 10 Google Font Combinations trending in 2019 are:

1.  Open Sans Condensed + Open Sans

This is the easiest font pairing that you can use for nearly any applicable use. Open Sans is featured in its readability with large blocks of texts. In fact, unless you're searching for a specific font, this font can serve most any business, blog or web apps. To summarize this combination, it is surely simple, sophisticated and familiar.

2.  Oswald + EB Garamond

It is a great combination to highlight the premium quality items and work well for websites dealing with high-end clients such as attorneys or real estate agencies, etc.Oswald is an excellent choice for headlines or product content. With its condensed nature, this font can help you grab the visitors' attention easily. On the other hand, EB Garamond is an elegant and fantastic typeface that brings your site a unique appearance.

3.  Montserrat + Merriweather

With its versatility and simplicity, Montserrat is one of favorite fonts of many designers. Merriweather combines well with this Montserrat font family. This pairing has easy readability; especially, you can use both fonts interchangeably as headlines or texts. It can be said that this is a nice combination of modern and traditional design.

4.  Roboto Thin + Roboto Regular

Roboto – one of the most familiar font families. It is used widely for many Google Services and Android devices. With high versatility, you can use this typeface for any purpose, particularly for tech startups, modern small businesses.

5.  Raleway + Roboto Slab

It's Roboto again but we are saying about the serif variation, Roboto Slab. This kind of font works well for descriptive text while the Raleway is suitable for luxury items. The combination of the classical Roboto Slab and the distinctive and bold Raleway gives you an awesome font pairing for your design.

6.  Playfair Display + Source Sans Pro

Playfair Display font has high contrast and delicate hairlines that exude the sophistication; thereby, this font is the best choice for titling and headlines of a product and service centered on appearances. While Source Sans Pro font works very well at small sizes. This font gives the description of your product and service a modern look.

7. Fjalla One + Noto San 

You can say that Fjalla One is not the most popular font but this does not mean that you can't use it flexibly. This medium contrast display sans serif is especially suitable for creating headlines to grab reader's attention and it can be used in a wide range of sizes.
Otherwise, the design of Noto Sans is relatively same with Open Sans; however, it doesn't include as many weights and styles, which works nicely alongside Fjalla One font.

8.  Alegreya + Lato

 Alegreya, an award-winning font, selected as one of 53 "Fonts of the Decade" in 2011, is available for free on Google Fonts; however, this font has not truly become popular. In fact, it is a great font for designers although it was initially designed with printed text. Especially, the italic style is very beautiful.
Combining with Alegreya, Lato is considered as the humanist sans-serif typeface and the third most served font on Google Fonts. This font gives your site a very clean and elegant appearance. When these 2 fonts come together, they create a fun, easy-to-read combination for your website.

9. PT Sans Narrow + PT Sans

PT Sans is universally used and you can combine it with lots of other font type. However, in the scope of this article, we are mentioning the font pairing of PT Sans and its brethren, PT Sans Narrow. This combination will give your site's appearance a sense of familiarity that makes the visitors comfortable when reading your information.

10.  Amatic SC + Josefin Sans

Obviously, this pair will not work well for all cases. However, this combination will surely be the outstanding point on your website and a perfect tool for ones who want to express their unique personality. Just one thing you have to notice: Don't use Amatic SC as your main body text.

Combining fonts is a risky business, but you can get the great rewards. We hope that this list of 10 Google Font combinations trending in 2019 helps you find the right font pairing for your website. If you are using other awesome font combinations, don't hesitate to share with us in the comment box below. Thank you very much!
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