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10 Necessary Extensions To Build A Basic Website

 You are website developer, designer or you are just a Technology Information and Communication lover. You would like to build a website based on Joomla

 However, in order to develop a basic website successfully, you need have important extensions which will help your website become complete.
Today, we are pleased to provide you with 10 necessary extensions to build a basic website.

1: TZ Portfolio

As you know, Com_content is a Content Manager System in the world. In fact, it has not still satisfied all people's need. That's why TZ Portfolio was released. It is also a content management system but it is more complete than com_content. You will have a chance to export and import data from your site. Besides all functions like Com_content, TZ Portfolio also has 2 new functions about interface; Portfolio and Timeline view. TZ Portfolio is provided for Group Extra Field System. Users also see 3 useful functions; Image gallery, Video Display, and Representative image in each article.

Tz portfolio

2: Custom HTML Module

Custom HTML is a useful feature in Joomla, you can add any code you want from your articles. With Custom HTML, you can customize by adding HTML code. In addition, Custom HTML also allows you to insert text, image into any module position in your Template.

custom HTML

3: Latest News

Latest News Module is also an extension that helps you can build a website successfully. When you using this module, your website can show the list of recent or popular article. Moreover, Latest News Module has function that shows author, date and the number of days ago the article has been published/created/modified.
Latest News can format news in your Template under some styles:

• Format news according to Date
• Format news according to the number of visitors or readers
• Format news according to ordering Alphabet
• Format news according to slide

Besides, Latest News Module allows user to choose for displaying its description or display an introduction text to the article.

Lastest new

4: Social Module

Social Module allows user to show Social share buttons in Tweet, Face book, and Google Plus.
With this Module, you can select and add social share, send and like buttons on Tweet, Facebook. This can make your visitor to submit your article easily and you can build the traffic to your site. Social Module can be considered a tool that connects your site with everyone.

socail module

5: Menu Module

When you develop a website, Menu Module cannot lack in your Template. This module allows you to put your menus on the page. Each Joomla website must have at least one Menu that is created in the Menu Manager. With Menu Module, you can place all or part of the selected menu at the position and web page that you want.

menu module

6: Kunena

If you are using the forum to discuss a problem for your Joomla Template or you just create a forum on your site to communicate with your customers and your friends, Kunena is a solution for this. Kunena is a popular Joomla Forum Component, which helps you build a forum. You can focus on posts and you can select your preferred language with this component because Kunena is able to support multiple languages. Users can create category in your forum with specific content types; blog post, articles, Blog, Directory Listing by additional fields. Com_Kunena has popular version K1.6, K2.0, K3.0 which are compatible with Joomla 1.5, 2.5and 3.0



Com_Contact can help user add contact information to your Joomla site. You can add information such as; name, address, phone, email in your site. You can even add image in your site with this extension. Com_Contact allows users to link contact to registered users.


8: JCE extension

JCE is an extension that you must have in building a website. JCE can help user create the kind of content you want without limitations. Moreover, you can resize the image and edit the article in the easy way with JCE Editor. This extension helps you edit some other features in your article such as font, background color, paragraph, and so on. JCE is also customizable because Users can create user type, custom user, and extension profile with their editor layout, images, file, and plug in features.


9: VirtueMart

VirtueMart is a component which is useful for commerce. This component is based on Joomla Model Controller that has features; adding Joomla plugins for Payment, shipment, coupons, product or installing with other Joomla extension easily. In addition, VirtueMart helps you create categories so that you can introduce/advertise your products.
VirtueMart supports users with other features:
• FAQ: This can help your users be able to send questions that they want to ask you like a forum for your website.
• Price: You can select currency for your each product
• Product Display: Latest, topten, newest, featured products.


10:Tz Twitter Widget

TZ Twitter Widget lets you take your status updates and put them up anywhere that allows custom widgets. TZ Twitter Widget displays your most recent tweets, your twitter icon, screen name, and links to your Twitter profile. Our Widgets are compatible with any websites.
Besides, Tz Twitter Widget also some useful features:
• Display Profile Widget
• Display Search Widget
• Display Faves Widget
• Configure style of Widget.

tz twitterwidget 128

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