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10 Stunning Magazine Joomla! Templates in 2015

10 Stunning Magazine Joomla! Templates in 2015

For Joomla! users, it is a common knowledge that a template forms the backbone of a website. For news and magazine in particular, the sites need to be attractive and easy-to-use to take and keep readers’ attention. Accordingly, it is important to choose the right magazine templates for your sites.

There are a variety of Joomla! Templates for magazine websites out there, and today, we would like to introduce 10 new and stunning magazine templates in 2015 with demo and brief introduction.

1. LifeMag


LifeMag, designed by TemPlaza, is a clean, modern, and responsive but user friendly Joomla 3.x template with 5 elegant home versions and various categories. Owning a range of cutting-edge and out-standing features, this template surely makes your website amazing, attractive and impressive.

2. FlatNews


FlatNews is a modern Joomla template which allows users to write articles and blog posts easily. The template is 100% responsive and drag-drop, which is convenient to build your own home design.

3. Journan


Journan is a Joomla multi-news template. Owning a range of different layouts and widget variations, the template helps users to build eye-catching and professional websites.

4. Newedge


Easy to setup and customize, Newedge is an excellent choice for any newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. Newedge can be used for any news niche such as tech, gossip, politics, sports, health, games, fashion, etc.

5. SJ Time


Supporting K2 and featuring various fantastic characteristics, SJ Time will help users develop their own modern and beautiful website for general news.

6. DailyTimes


With diverse front-end and back-end features options and clean, subtle and powerful design, DailyTimes features 2 unique home variations, 6 predefined color styles, 2 different header layouts.

7. TheDaily


The Daily can be used for general news, magazine, sport news or any daily life news. With YT Framework v3 based and K2 component, users can make stunning magazine websites with ease.

8. TekMag


Specially designed for Hi-tech websites, SJ Tekmag is a perfect choice for any technology news/magazine website or any news portals with high tech context. SJ Tekmag is built on YT Framework v3, so users can set up their site in no time.

9. JSN Time


JSN Time is a magazine template for general news which aims at bringing good experience, emotion, intuition and connection of newsreaders. The template support User Experience (UX) Design and Maximum Leverage of K2.

10. New II


SJ News II is a responsive Joomla 3.x template offering the free template package (the quickstart and extension are not included). This template adapts all your needs to create a news/magazine website or any kind of news portal websites.

I hope that this article will give you more suggestions for your site. Thank you so much for reading :)

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