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5 Tips To Create The Best Automotive Website

The automotive industry is rapidly growing, which makes the competition fierce than ever. Therefore, a good-looking website is more than necessary; it's crucial. Customers use the internet for various purposes and spend about 60% of their time researching online before deciding to buy something. Accordingly, make sure to have your website different and attractive from others. In this article, we are going to find some tips to create a world-class automotive website. Let's go!

I. How to create the best automotive website 

1. Create consistent and simple navigation

Navigation may not be the most outstanding aspect but an important part of a dealership design. Not only do an automotive website but also any other needs to have consistent navigation. The navigation needs to ensure 2 main purposes: Make it simple to find what users are looking for and conform to the user's expectations and industry standards.

The first element means that you need to facilitate the process of the user's searching as simple as possible. Your navigation needs to work for all users in 3 categories: Users exactly know what they want, Users browse independently for getting information and Users need your help to find what they want. In the automotive field, when your users have already determined their desired vehicle, they often jump to something like search form; while others may pay more attention to the filter bar.

  2. Stand out personality

​The fact is that thousands of users use the same theme, but it does not mean that all websites are identical. Administrators have to find out a way to make their websites stand out from the crowds. To archive that, it is necessary to determine the specific characteristics of your dealership personality, evaluate them and represent them on your website. This requirement is also an important criterion when choosing a theme for your website. You have to judge how this theme can fulfil and reflect your dealership personality.

3. Enable a smooth start to the sale

The dealership sales process often requires a lengthy procedure and time. Cutting down abundant steps is also an ideal way to bring your customer comfort and reduce the "bounce" rate or "reconsideration" moment. So what you can do to enable a smooth and effective sales process?
Firstly, there should be a payment calculator that allows customers to explore their financial options and make a suitable decision. Secondly, creating a Compare list page where customers can add their options and make a comparison. That is also a brilliant way to encourage them to stay on your website longer.

4. Bring the visual power

Customers often decide to buy a product within 90 seconds so that you make sure to show all the necessary information about your products visually and impressively. A good walk-through gives the customers the closest look at your products and engage them to click the Buy button. Showcasing inside features of cars via images and videos helps you optimize the visuals of your dealership website.

5. Strengthen dealership on your website 

To boost up the dealership on your website is extremely important for an automotive website as well. Dealers can register and submit their vehicles, which helps to diversify your vehicle collection and encourages customers to stay longer on your website.
To wrap it up, there are 5 tips for you to power your automotive website: Create consistent navigation, standout your personality, keep the smooth sales process, emphasize the visuals and enhance the dealership on your website.

II. Auto Showroom - Solution for your Automotive Website 

Auto Showroom Theme is designed especially for Automotive websites; that's why this theme offers tons of powerful features and useful tools for creating an attractive website in this niche industry. Let's have a glance at some of these outstanding features you can find out in this theme:
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  • +8 dedicated home layouts
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  • Powerful Multiple Dealership
  • Image and Video Vehicle Detail Page
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  • Useful Payment Calculator
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  • Online Store for selling accessories
  • ...
Besides the features mentioned above, Auto Showroom offers a lot of other goodies that you can freely take advantage of to build up the best Automotive website ever.
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