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5 Ways To Optimize Your Instagram And Increase Authority

Instagram is a fast-growing platform and a must-have for every influencer or brand. This is because users tend to engage with posts and feeds on Instagram more than on other media. With 800 million users from all over the world, you have no other option than to improve your authority on Instagram to grow your brand. This article guides you on things you can do to optimize your Instagram profile and increase your authority and the influence of your brand. 

1. Create Your Plan 

To achieve any feat, plans must be made and implemented. This applies to optimizing your Instagram account and increasing authority. Your goals should include having set objectives for your Instagram account. What do you want to achieve? Do you want increased sales, awareness for your brand, website clicks or increased Instagram authority or influence? Knowing this would guide you to other steps to take. For example, if you want to build your Instagram for influence, you may need to buy Instagram followers. Also, creating a plan involves knowing your target audience, having a content plan, and monitoring the right metrics to assess your growth. 

2. Choose An Easy-To Find Username 

Instagram has many users. You would not want to add to the confusion by choosing a complex username. Your username should preferably be your brand's name or what you're popularly known as. Your account will be easy to find, and more users will interact with your profile. To use Instagram for your business, if your business name is `Fashion Palace`, your username, also known as the handle, should be preferably @fashionpalace or anything like that. This makes it simple, searchable, and easy to remember and recognize by your users. They can tag you correctly in relevant posts and comments. However, your business name may be already taken in some cases. If this happens, it's better to make your brand name the first part of your username and then add something to it at the end. You could also reach out to the account owner to gain possession of your business name's handle. 

3. Create Your Own Unique Style And Theme 

Having your own style means setting the tone of your brand and Instagram profile. This revolves around having a distinctive color that probably aligns with your logo or suits your fancy. It also involves paying attention to the colors in your photos or using a particular filter. Don't forget that this style doesn't become yours until it comes with a significant level of consistency. When people see it anywhere, they remember you or your brand, and it becomes your signature. Also, having a theme refers to the core of what your profile speaks about. What do your photos, reels, and stories say about you? When you have this in place, you optimize your Instagram space and increase its authority. 

4. Build Influencer Relationship 

Sometimes, the role of influencers cannot be undermined when it comes to optimizing your Instagram and building authority. Influencers are huge assets in the Instagram community. To become an influencer or an authority, you may need the roles or services of an already made influencer. Usually, micro-influencers who have about 50,000 followers or more could help to influence their followers to follow, like, share, or comment on your posts and build your profile. A random tag of your handle on their post or a minor feature of your products can lead thousands of their audience to you. Before you know it, you've built a community of new followers and increased authority on Instagram space. 

5. Create A Schedule Of Content 

You'll not increase authority on your Instagram space if you don't provide value to your users. A primary reason users will come across your profile, engage your account, and even tag their friends to do the same is if you create value. No matter what the niche of your account or the goal you want to achieve, you need to provide quality content for your followers and prospective ones. Don't forget that not only your current followers will see your posts but anyone who visits your page in years to come.

Ensure to develop a content schedule that drops consistently to add value to users. This way, people visit your profile to see what you have for them, and you increase your authority and influence. 


The growth of Instagram has been exciting, and this is the best time for you to hop in and build a presence. Leverage existing influencer relationships, provide value, and create a niche of your own where your audience can grow in a large community.