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Aragon - June Joomla Template

If you are holding a company and you are also wavering about which template will you use to broadcast and support for your company? The new template named ARAGON is the best choice for you.

An ideal responsive template integrates TZ Portfolio. A great Joomla template is very suitable for any sites related Corporations, Companies and Enterprises.

We are very proud of having developed a Responsive Joomla Template built on Plazart Framework. For this useful template, we have applied the latest version of TZ Portfolio 3.1.2 with spectacular images and interface.

In addition, in this excellent design, we also have emphasized on the effectiveness of broadcasting effects which is serviceable for company’s website.

Especially, this template making strong impression for users is one- page associated with parallax script helping your images follow the scrolling of users.

So what makes this template so great?



ARAGON is a Responsive Joomla Template. It supports for Bootstrap, your template will adapt automatically to the screen size of the device and display all the content in an intuitive and simple way.

 About Us



The main purpose of this template is that it broadcasts and supports for Corporations, Companies and Enterprises. Therefore, item “About Us” allows users to introduce some general information about your company including : company’s name, company’s address, the main areas of production, etc..

Our Team



This unique feature helps users manage their employees professionally. Based on the utility, we are very easy to find personal information of any staffs you want.

 Download Profile



With a series of beautiful and useful profile, you are fee to download any profile you like.

 Our Services


This original feature allows users introduce and advertise about types of services which your company is supplying. It is convenient for you to know clearly about your company’s services. How impressive this template is! Only one click into company’s website, you can choose the company’s best service which you do not need to call to Manager directly to get the guidance in choosing company’s services.

 Our Project



If you are wishing to have a feature with introducing about your outstanding products, let’s join this template to make your wish become true. “Our project” uses TZ Portfolio, which is capable of cropping itself under forms of landscape and portrait. When your images are stretched and bended, it will automatically fit with screen’s frame.

Our Newsletter



The next section “Our Newsletter” provides information of interest to their members, customers or employees. Some newsletters are created as money-making ventures and sold directly to subscribers. Sending newsletters to customers and prospects is a common marketing strategy, which can have benefits and drawbacks. General attributes of newsletters include news and upcoming events of the related organization, as well as contact information.

Random Article



If you are a creative person, this feature is the most suitable for you. With a subject “New article every day”, this feature gives you the ability to display one or more random articles inside the template, helping you post the newest articles on your website.

Our Clients



The useful feature supports company to work with a number of industries ranging from technology to consume. It also allows companies give the detail of the list of their clients which they are cooperating.




The feature “Testimonial” is very necessary for companies to show the consisting of a person's written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of some products. Testimonial is an important part of communal marketing of your company.

Contact Us



Although feature “Contact Us” is familiar to types of template, it plays an important role in giving some information related to your company. Accordingly, you are easy to contact with the company, send questions and feedback, etc…

Spectacular features displayed on template maybe make users really impressive. Let’s be ready to welcome the release of this template in the recent short time.

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