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10 Stunning Magazine Joomla! Templates in 2015

In Articles By Yenqq / December 8, 2015

For Joomla! users, it is a common knowledge that a template forms the backbone of a website. For news and magazine in particular, the sites need to be attractive and easy-to-use to take and keep readers’ attention. Accordingly, it is important to choose the right magazine templates for your sites. Read more

10 Best FREE WordPress Gallery Plugins

In Articles By Minh Giang / November 24, 2015

Are you looking for a free gallery plugin to show your amazing images? With so many plugins, countless features and functions available, you may feeling a mixture of emotions at the points: excitement, apprehension, impatience, and confusion. It is also sometimes hard to determine which plugin is your best choice. Read more

Simple Tips to Write Successful Blog Posts and Attract More Readers

In Articles By Le Nhung / July 29, 2015

Blog is now an essential marketing tool of any company's website that holds the key to the success of your marketing. Without it, your SEO will tank thus starting and maintaining a blog is definitely rewarding. It helps to engage your readers on topics that are important to them and increase the SEO content that makes your website more attractive to search engines. Read more

Hints to Get More Comments on Your Blog

In Articles By Le Nhung / April 20, 2015

Nowadays, blogging is known as the best online marketing tool which you can share your knowledge, tips, expertise, argue points and learn new things. It is a simple way to build a community and start a conversation and get peoples opinion about it. Read more

Best Free File Management Extensions for Joomla!3

In Articles By Mai / April 4, 2015

How do you do when you want to edit, upload or modify a file in your Joomla! site? Access the FTP? Pass so many steps in the backend? Don’t waste too much your valuable time; let’s take advantages of 10 Best Free File Management Extensions below for your site. Read more

An Overview of Joomla! Extensions

In Articles By Nguyen Nhung / April 4, 2015

As Joomla! Users, we are sure that you will be interested in learning about Joomla! extensions. To meet this demand, today we will provide you an overview of Joomla! Extensions. In this writing, we will introduce some general information on definition of extensions, a set of core Joomla! extensions, installing as well as updating extensions. Read more

Web Design Trends for 2015

In Articles By Le Nhung / April 1, 2015

2014 has come to an end and we are entering to the year 2015 – a year of many new and hot web design trends, perhaps it will resurrect some trends that were popular a few years ago. Every year, web design grows and changes with more and more delicate, modern and unique look. Read more

Best Free Extensions to Speed up Joomla! Site

In Articles By Mai / March 30, 2015

When accessing a website, the loading time is a very important problem. Thus, how to speed up your Joomla! site? One of the easiest ways is use the speed-up extensions. Therefore, in this article we will introduce you some Best Free Extensions to speed up Joomla! site based on their over rating, ease to use and documentation according to Joomla! Extensions Directory. Read more