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Astroid Framework 2.5.12 is available now

Hi guys,
Like I informed you previously, we now take the responsibility for supporting the Astroid framework and aim at bringing you a smooth and hassle-free experience with our products. Astroid update is a reflection of what our users trusted ad encouraged us to fulfill the duty.
Today, I would like to let you know that Astroid Framework 2.5.12 is already available. With this version, we have added new features, make improvements, as well as addressed several known issues reported by users and detected by our team while checking it on our end.

What's updated in Astroid 2.5.12

By updating version 2.5.12, you will have CSS loaded with inline style, which helps to improve CSS delivery and speed up your website. Besides that loading jQuery of the core Joomla is enabled, instead of Astroid.

Also, now you're interested in having control over the logo link and badge visibility on the sticky menu, this version will get you covered. We also improved the badge style and language file as well. The last but not least, there are a lot of well-known issues tackled this time. Why not take a look at its changelog to see all changes!


Let's update the latest Astroid 2.5.12 and get all enhancements and fixes applied to your site. If you have a problem with the framework, don't hesitate to contact us to report it. Any feedback or comments of yours are always welcome.