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AutoShowroom 3rd Generation - The Biggest Transformation To Become The Best Automotive Theme

Today we are super-excited to announce that the AutoShowroom version 3.0.0 has just been released and available for download on Themeforest. This 3rd generation of Autoshowroom can be seen as the biggest transformation to make this theme become the best automotive theme.

In this new theme version, there is no change in the frontend design but tons of brand-new features added in the backend. That's why we highly recommend you to be aware of all the changes and must prepare a full backup of your database before doing any update. Now, go ahead and discover what new goodies are.

 1. New Framework - A powerful tool to set up page styles

The Autoshowroom 3.0.0 marks an important milestone in developing this amazing theme. In this version, we are going to use a completely new framework – TemPlaza framework. It allows you to set up any pages in very simple and flexible way. Instead of creating fixed options for all pages, this framework lets you design page layouts and configure every single page.

After installing the theme and Templaza Framework plugin, you are able to find Autoshowroom Options part easily. In this section, you are going to create different layouts for each page. All settings in other options will affect the corresponding page in which you select the editing layout. This framework makes the theme become super flexible and user-friendly for any user. 

 2. New Mega Menu System

To reduce the number of required plugins and make it simple for users to configure menus, our team has developed a brand-new mega menu system. In this system, you can easily add menu columns and widgets to menus. Also, it is extremely to attach icons to menu items and set up sub-menu width.

 3. Vehicle Content built with WPBakery Page Builder

In previous versions, we added all needed tabs for a vehicle single page (Vehicle Overview tab, Features & Options tab and Request Information tab). However, in this new 3.0.0 version, you can use WPBakery Page Builder's elements to create these tabs and add any other content depending on your purposes.


 4. Option Tree plugin replaced with Redux Plugin

In the new Autoshowroom update, the Option Tree is going to be removed. Instead, we use Redux plugin to create theme options in AutoShowroom Options section. Basically, in term of usage, you still find lots of the same options as in previous theme versions. Besides, we also add more options so that users can make use of them to set up their pages. 

 5. Mailchimp plugin integrated

In order to keep customer's websites up-to-date, we've replaced Easy Sign Up plugin which no longer has new updates with Mailchimp plugin – a powerful plugin to create good-looking forms.

 6. TZ Elements Updated

Aiming to bring customers all tools they need to build up their best websites, we've added 2 more tabs including Animation and Design Option tabs to all TZ Elements. In Animation tab, you can choose and set up animation for elements. In Design Option tabs, you are able to manage padding and margin values, background color or image, and border color.

 7. Vafpress Post Formats UI removed

One more plugin no longer used in this theme version is Vafpress Post Formats UI plugin. As all you know, this plugin provides different post formats including Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio, Link and Quote.

However, now, you don't need to install this plugin because all these post formats have already been added to the theme. You can easily create different posts to diverse your website and make it more interesting. 


  • In order to offer our customers the best product, we are going to focus on developing Autoshowroom based on this new version and new framework. 
  • The Autoshowroom version 2.0 or lower on the Old framework will be depreciated and not supported in the future.
  • Please install the new version in a testing environment before updating it on your main website. 
  • Please prepare a full backup of your database before doing any changes. 
  • For any detail assistance or feedback, please send all to our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.