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Best Free Extensions to Speed up Joomla! Site

When accessing a website, the loading time is a very important problem. Thus, how to speed up your Joomla! site? One of the easiest ways is use the speed-up extensions. Therefore, in this article we will introduce you some Best Free Extensions to speed up Joomla! site based on their over rating, ease to use and documentation according to Joomla! Extensions Directory.

1. JCH Optimize

This plugin combines your external JavaScript and CSS files into one, to minimize expensive http requests. These files can be minified and gzipped to reduce bandwidth and further optimize download time. It can favorably affect not only website traffic but also Google ranking. With these entire invaluable features, JCH Optimize is worth being the top speedup Joomla extension.



2. Cache Cleaner

With Cache Cleaner, you can clean your cache fast and easily via a link in your Joomla! Administrator with 1 click. Normall you should go to the Joomla! Cache Manager, select all cache types to delete them. This is very annoying and requires a lot of clicks and waiting time. Now Cache Cleaner gives you a quick link in the top right of your Joomla! Administrator (status bar), which will clean all cache by simply clicking on it. It seems so simple but also a very effective solution.



3. CDN for Joomla!

CDN for Joomla! is an extension for Joomla! that allows for easy integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With this great extension, you will get Faster Page Loads, Reduced Server Load, More Visitors and Higher SEO Rankings.Let’s try out a CDN with your website to experience these benefits and more.



4. ScriptMerge

The ScriptMerge plugin is a Joomla! System Plugin that merges all the CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files into one single file, which means that the browser only needs to download one single file for CSS and one single file for JavaScript instead of dozens of small files. This decreases the number of HTTP requests and therefore optimizes the bandwidth of your site. In other words: It speeds up the site from the perspective of the visitor. This is one of the most powerful tools you will need to optimize your Joomla! site.



5. eorisis: jQuery

eorisis jQuery is a free plugin for the Joomla CMS, that loads the jQuery Library, UI, Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery scripts of your choice to your website, on both Front and/or Back End, with a range of options. Let’s increase website performance by taking advantage of CDN Sources, it will not make you down.



6. jbetolo

jbetolo primarily helps you with your front-end optimization. This fabulous extension brings us many great features including merging JS and CSS; compressing JS, CSS and fonts; minimizing JS, CSS and HTML; serving the generated files with correct HTTP header; off-loading to your CDN server, multiple CDNs supported for various file type; static content caching; removing unwanted JS and CSS files from the page and many others. Why don’t we give it a try?



7. JS Plant

This system plugin brings some cool features which help to improve performance of Joomla! sites. It helps to load necessary javascript library only once, enable IE 7 emulation mode and etc. Moreover, it can load the following javascript libraries: Chrome Frame, Dojo, Ext Core, jQuery, jQuery UI, MooTools, Prototype, script.aculo.us, SWFObject, Yahoo! User Interface library. This extension seems to be an amazing tool for your website.



8. RokBooster

This advanced extensions will compress and combine your CSS and JavaScript into as few files as possible each. In addition, it has ability to ignore specific CSS and JavaScript files, render background, scan full pages for non-header JavaScript and CSS to be included, customize cached timeout. And as its name, RokBooster can dramatically reduce the number of HTTP calls a browser has to make, and sending those compressed files GZipped means your pages will load faster with fewer loads on your server.



9. WebP

This is an extremely great extension for a website including many images. Google offers the new WebP image-format as a way to decrease the bandwidth of your site. You can convert your JPEG and GIF images to the WebP-format, resulting in upto 40% less bandwidth. And it’s noted that WebP is actually only supported by the Chrome browser, it is already a vital and reliable bandwidth-saving tool, simply because more and more people choose for Chrome.



10. JCC - JS CSS Control

JS CSS Control controls the loading of JS and CSS files globally and specifically in Joomla! With this plugin the loading of JS and CSS files can be easily controlled. You may suppress loading those files on pages where they are not needed. This might be important for example at the frontpage for optimizing loading times. Moreover, it’s include the plugin to exclude those files globally or just on selected pages and also support 2 languages, both English and German.




Here are 10 best free speedup extensions for Joomla! site. When building a site, don’t forget to take one and experience its valuable features.

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