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Best Free Icon Fonts For Web Designer

Icon font is one of the most significant factors in web design. Good use of icon fonts makes your website impressive and outstanding, also helps you communicate better with users and improve your website speed.

Moreover, Icons come as vector format therefore, they are responsive to appear high pixel-density displays when you zoom in or zoom out screen. To make sure that you can choose the best icon fonts for your website, we introduce you a list of awesome icon fonts that you can get free from Internet.

1. Font awesome

This type of icon font supplies you with simple scalable vector icon. It is useful and flexible for you to customize about size, color… It will meet most designers’ requirements with 369 icons about web application, currency, text, direction, video player, brand and medicine.

Download here

2. Icomoon

Iconmoon is a universally useful icon font. With over 3800 free unique vector icons, it is an attractive package that will satisfy designers.

Download here

3. Fontello

If you want to design your website with a simple, slick and amazing icon font, Fontello is the best choice for you.

Download here

4. Entypo

Entypo is an elegant also a gracefully scalable icon package. It has more than 260 beautiful icons that add a sparkle to your design.

Download here

5. Ionicons

The use of Ionicons will make your website different as it includes many “action icons”. They are fresh and free with a slick design. Ionicons has items for arrows, comments, loaders, users, media controls, weather, charts, social and more.

Download here

6. Sosa

You are a web designer and you cannot miss out Sosa icon font. The icon font is free for personal and commercial use. Its categories include web, devices, user-interface, tools, media, controls, e-commerce, social, weather, and more.

Download here

7. Iconic

Iconic is a gorgeous open source icon set consisting of 120 advanced icons in raster, vector and font formats. It is much more than just icons.

Download here

8. Iconshock

Iconshock is the largest and the most well-known icon font with over 110.000 unique icons in more than 300 sets. Its sets include: accounting, business, database, education, graphics, multimedia, networking, web design…

Download here

9. Typicons

You have probably seen Typicons whether you know it or not. It is in use on thousands of websites. Typicons is a fantastic package in a web-font and vector format of free icons so that you can use it in many ways.

Download here

10. Dripicons

Dripicons is a beautiful vector icon font designed in flat style with set of 90 items. Its set is suitable and free for web apps that include: media, chart, arrow, documentation, and more.

Download here

11. Elegant Icon

Elegant Icon is free-to-use vector icons including 360 icons with 50 business icons. It has a trendy, elegant and stunning icon style made for all creative people.

Download here

12. Socialio

Socialio is a set of 74 social media icons. You can build your own web with amazing icon style of Socialio.

Download here

13. Map icon

Map icon will make your website dynamic and stunning with more than 700 scalable vector graphics icons. You can use them as playmarks for your location, navigation ... on your maps.

Download here

As great as images are, icon fonts present challenges and stuns in web design. They are an effective way in grabbing the users' attention. Each of them has unique features that you will certainly enjoy and your web can be overwhelming if you can find the best suit for your design.

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