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Best Joomla Ecommerce Extensions for 2022

In the last few years, merchants have shifted to eCommerce in large numbers to meet increasing consumer demand online. One of the best ways to take advantage of the many opportunities in the eCommerce space is creating your online store. 

However, a lot goes into creating a fully functional eCommerce store. The good thing is that Joomla eCommerce extensions provide a wide range of functionality to help you build and manage your online store seamlessly. 

While there are many Joomla eCommerce extensions out there, choosing the right one for your online store can be challenging. To save you time and effort, here are some of the best Joomla eCommerce extensions to choose from for your online store in 2022: 

1. Hikashop

Specially designed for simplicity and flexibility, HikaShop is an easy-to-configure Joomla eCommerce extension that offers endless possibilities. This extension can be suitable if you have technical knowledge in CSS and HTML to create and decorate your online store as you wish. 

Another standout feature of HikaShop is that it allows you to authorize other vendors to sell their products in your store. You can also generate reports of your shop data to understand your store's performance and make sound financial decisions

2. VirtueMart  

VirtueMart makes a great choice if you're looking to operate a medium to large-scale online store because it's easily expandable. This extension is open source and free to download, making it ideal if you're working on a limited budget. You only need to purchase a domain and hosting to use VirtueMart. 

It comes with multiple templates and layouts, allowing you to customize your store's appearance to your liking. It provides multiple payment gateways, so you can allow your customers to pay for your goods in their preferred method. With VirtueMart, you don't have to worry about ranking on search engines search results because it offers SEO support with metatags. 

3. J2Store

If you want to open a small to medium online store with a small database, you can't go wrong with the J2Store eCommerce Joomla extension. Unlike other extensions that provide their own database with product categories and pages, J2Store allows you to build your catalog from your Joomla articles. This means you can build your eCommerce site and start your online business within the shortest time possible. 

The extension offers different product options to sell, whether it's physical products or digital products. It features a user-friendly one-page checkout, allowing your customers to complete their purchase quickly and efficiently. You can also add multiple payment options for your customers convenience when making payments. 


Joomla has many superb eCommerce extensions that you can choose from when building your online store. Choose the right Joomla eCommerce extension based on your needs and budget. All the extensions on our list are the best ones in 2022. You can use any of them to create an online store with an attractive and up-to-date design, efficient navigation, simple checkout, and multiple payment gateways among other features.