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Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO standing for Search Engine Optimization is always a priority for bloggers like you and I and website managers who desire to get more and more hits and enhance site traffics for all times. That’s the reason why we strive to look for the best SEO plugins which can be our right tools to boost higher rank on search engines.

In this article, I will talk about some best SEO plugins providing maximum functionalities instead of multiple plugins for different things. Just take a look into this list before making decision to choose your own WordPress SEO plugins.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

wp seo by yoast

More than 15 million downloads are significant evidences of its power. Allowing you to configure title and meta information for your posts, pages, taxonomies and custom post types, WordPress SEO splits this section into different parts and tabs which help you to locate them easily. Additionally, XML sitemap and Social settings including Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are supported.

Moreover, Snippet Preview feature helps you to view exact appearance of your posts on search engines result page so that you can change your information easily. Outstanding functions of WordPress SEO are checking keyword and page analysis which gives you feedback on how your article performs against suggested search engine optimization settings. However, this plugin allows you to focus on only one keyword. You can get its pro version to make use of other useful features.

wordpress seo post general

2. All in one SEO pack

 all in one

Similarly, All in One is a relatively simple and useful plugin to overwrite title and add meta description. The difference from WordPress SEO is that most functions and configuration options are placed in one page named General Setting. All in One also supports Social settings containing Facebook and Google plus, which will be a powerful tool for users who want to have more customization and enhance their articles on Facebook.

The pro version with many other meaningful features like Feature Manager and plugin modules, XML Sitemap Generator and Performace module… will facilitate your SEO process. Although you can use preview snippet to know what your article will look like, you are not able to determine the SEO quality and check your keywords as well.

all in one seo option

3. WordPress SEO Ninja

seo ninja

Using WordPress SEO Ninja, you will feel it worth $47 for this plugin. Indeed, this plugin is equipped with 4 Ninja sitemaps including HTML, XML, image and video sitemap. Not only does it offer basic SEO requirements but also special features other plugins do not have. With this plugin, you will know immediately which parts of your articles are less optimized and check keyword density easily by looking into the scores given.

More than that, Rank Checker feature is a perfect function allowing you to know your rank, your best effective keywords or even the number of hits via these keywords. Through controlling the keyword ranks, you can adjust your SEO strategies timely.

seo ninja opt

4. SEO Pressor

No matter whom you are a professional or amateur blogger, SEO Pressor will be truly SEO plugin if you want to focus on post qualities. This paid plugin has inbuilt keyword research option which saves your time and lots of other features which will help you in boosting your traffic.

Some wonderful features can be listed; for example, you can check your SEO score for a keyword or check if your post is over-optimized for a keyword. You also find all related keywords to your main keyword easily with Multiple Keyword & LSI feature and automatically inter link your WordPress posts decreasing bounce rate and increasing search engine traffic.


5. SEO Ultimate

seo ultimate

Here is another free SEO plugin which you can consider to use. SEO Ultimate helps you in rewriting the title, meta description, deeplink juggernaut… with complete functions divided into separate parts such as Open Graph, Link Mask Generator, etc.

All listed plugins fulfills you with the same basic functionalities. Therefore, you should look through their additional features and it’s upon your need, you can choose the best one for you. Of course, you can choose to use more than one SEO plugins in your site, but overusing them can slow down your website speed. Make a wise decision by checking your site with P3.

We highly appreciate your comments and suggestions of other useful SEO plugins you are using. Hope that this article is meaningful for you and wish your site will get best rank.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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