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Bloggers: 5 Simple Editing Tools To Make Your Writing Better

No writer is perfect. Often or not often, you’ll still make mistakes, and sometimes these mistakes may even go unnoticed. So editing is one of the most important parts of writing.

With the assistance of writing editors, you will limit the spelling and grammar mistakes, also save your time on editing. Here are five great writing editing tools for bloggers you may fall in love:



Like its name, this editor helps writer to improve writing style and grammar. Basically, it finds out the bad mistakes on grammar, then highlights them, and suggests how to rewrite them actively. It also calculates and gives a grammar score based on your writing.

Currently, the Grammark database contains 7,060 grammar rules and 973 wordy phrases such as “with respect to, a considerable amount of, and as a matter of fact”. Then it will provide these ones and offers concise alternatives (concerning, many, in fact). Grammark is simple and remarkable with ability of searching for 6,239 errors in about 0.144 seconds.



If you own a blog or write for a blog but you don’t have an editor, it’s smart to make use of a tool like ProWritingAid in this case. It helps you identify the weaknesses in your own writing and analyzes your text and then generates many useful reports, showing what you’re doing right and wrong, for example: overused words, plagiarism, writing style, sentence length, clichés, redundancies, consistency,"sticky" sentences...

Editing your writing content with Pro Writing Aid is a time-consuming process that there’s no need to remember all the rules. It not only guide you what to improve, but also how to improve, all while improving the quality of your work.


Hemingway App

This editor is excellent for editing plain text. You simply copy and paste your writing into the tool, then it will highlight phrases or sentences that make hard to read. It sorts types of faults with different highlight colors: complex sentences in red or yellow depending on how complicated they are. But it will highlight adverbs in blue, complex words in purple and passive voice in green.

It guides you in the right direction for improvements. It will even evaluate your readability of writing level. This editing tool would be super helpful for writers looking to improve their writing skills or simply interested in how their writing looks like with this grammatical-loving app.



A blogger should know about Quabel – an online writing editor which you need to create an account and save your work online automatically, meaning you won’t lose data. It also includes a nice features: distraction-free writing word processor and lets you do formatting with markdown and a wordcount toolbar below that calculates the time it would take to read your blog content. You can adjust the math used to calculate the length of your article and character counts.


Visual Thesaurus

Have you ever tried to use the Visual Thesaurus for editing your blog yet? If not, you should. Visual Thesaurus offers a visual way of exploring the relationships between words. The words and terms are displayed in a mind map type by meaning. This word map enable you to search the right word and then discover and suggest related concepts, revealing the way words and meanings relate to each other.

It’s a powerful writing editor with more than 145,000 words and 115,000 meanings organized in an innovative and intuitive design that bloggers will surely love.

Life is so busy that you don’t have much time to stare at the words you’ve just written and unsure your writing content is right or wrong. Therefore it will be great opinion to use trusty tools above to step in and objectively evaluate your writing.

Thanks all guy for reading ;)

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