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Factors to Consider Before Implementing New Web Features

Design trends come and go every year. They are almost always welcome changes because they breathe new dynamics into an already oversaturated market. This keeps everyone on their toes and it keeps the market fluid, especially when you consider the advancements in web design and web programming.

Many new web features have the potential to become the next design trend, but you don't always have to jump on the bandwagon everytime a new feature is released. There are times when these features could do more harm than good to your website. This is why it's important to consider these factors before fully implementing new web features:

Necessity of the Feature

Implementing a new web feature takes time and sometimes, money, so you shouldn't be implementing a new feature on a whim. New web features need to either solve a problem or improve the overall functionality of your website for them to be deemed worth the time and money. You wouldn't want to risk complicating your website's code for something trivial.

Its Effect On Customer Journey

Before implementing a web feature, it's important to ensure that the current customer journey is either maintained or improved. This is meant to help with customer familiarity. If people already love what your website offers, there's no reason to alter it unless it's to improve what's already good.

This is why it's important to make only minor changes as a sudden and significant change in user experience could cause discomfort to your customers. Some customers may even switch to a different website that offers a similar experience to what your website was offering previously.

People need something familiar and easy to remember, and that applies to websites, brand logos, and brand names. The strive to differentiate themselves from competitors is important and this is also the very reason why tools such as this company name generator, web builders, and logo design programs are made.

Adequate Testing

Testing helps maximize the amount of positive feedback that your feature is going to get. This is an important final step in the process, as launching a feature without adequate testing means that there will likely be a host of bugs and issues that need to be ironed out. This is not only a poor show of technical mastery, but it also gives your customers the impression that you don't take customer experience as seriously as you should.

The work doesn't stop after you've successfully implemented your new web feature. Never underestimate the value of user feedback because this is far more elaborate than numbers and statistics. Relevant user feedback is extremely valuable because this conveys what exactly your customers want out of your feature. Take this information seriously and make the necessary adjustments if possible. Acknowledging and acting on customer feedback now only shows that you put a premium on customer experience, but it also inspires customer loyalty.